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The Best Bakeries In Columbus

The quickest way to start craving cupcakes is to follow a whole bunch of bakeries on Instagram.

Columbus has a fair share of bakeries and let’s face it, they’re all delicious. The following confectioneries stand out from the rest because, well, just look at these photos! If you weren’t sold on one of these sweet shops before, you will be now.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast pastry or you’re hoping to munch on a cupcake or two, scrolling through these sweet treats will probably leave your mouth watering.

Pistacia Vera

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This creative dessert destination makes sweets that are pretty as a picture. Pistacia Vera is known for their scrumptious macarons that come in an array of beautiful pastels. You can swing by the German Village location at 541 S. 3rd Street for carry-out, curbside pickup, or delivery.
Where: 541 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Pistacia Vera

The Suisse Shop Bakery

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The Suisse Shop turns cakes into masterpieces. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, special occasions–this bakery does it right. They also have a ton of precious pastries and cookies that look too good to eat. But don’t worry, you can totally eat them and you will definitely enjoy every second of it.
Where: 2119 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240
Website: The Suisse Shop Bakery

Short North Piece of Cake

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Short North Piece of Cake doesn’t just make cake. They make works of art. Seriously, some of these cakes are so impressive and the hard work that goes into them really shows. If you feel so inclined, you can order your cakes online here.
Where: 772 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Short North Piece of Cake

Kittie’s Cakes

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Everything on the menu at Kittie’s Cakes is fantastic, but I’m a huge fan of their cinammon roll. In addition to the yummy treats on the menu, Kittie’s Cakes in Bexley happens to be attached to one of my favorite bookstores, Gramercy Books. So buy a book, get a coffee, and treat yourself to something (once again, the cinnamon roll is always a great choice).
Where: 2424 E. Main St, Bexley, Ohio 43209 and 495 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Kitties Cakes

Fox in the Snow Cafe

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Fox in the Snow Cafe doesn’t just have mouthwatering treats. They’ve got vibes. I know that sounds like a weird thing to get excited about, but I genuinely think that Fox in the Snow is the best cafe experience you’ll find in Columbus. I can’t possibly pick just one thing on the menu to suggest, so try not to be totally overwhelmed by the glorious display of pastries when you walk in.
Where: Various locations
Website: Fox in the Snow Cafe

Bake Me Happy

From throwback pastries like Zebra Cakes and pop tarts to their life changing donut muffins, Bake Me Happy has all of your gluten-free pastry needs covered. You can order your treats in advance or take advantage of their same-day online ordering.
Where: Various locations
Website: Bake Me Happy

Auddino’s Italian Bakery

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Auddino’s Italian Bakery is possibly one of the most perfect places that have ever existed. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming in for an incredible loaf of bread or a sweet treat like a cronut or cannoli, you will leave feeling satisfied.
Where: 1490 Clara St Columbus, OH 43211
Website: Auddion’s Italian Bakery (Facebook)

Belle’s Bread

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Tucked away in a strip mall on the city’s northwest side, Belle’s Bread is an absolute treat. With the perfect blend of Japanese flavors and French baking techniques, the menu at Belle’s is full of unique pastries. Everything there will probably be tempting, but make sure you don’t leave without a strawberry buttercream bear. They’re both adorable and delicious.
Where: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH 43220
Website: Belle’s Bread

Resch’s Bakery

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Resch’s Bakery has been an east side institution for nearly 100 years, and for good reason. From custom cakes to donuts to danishes, Resch’s has perfected the art of baking. It’s easy to fall in love with everything on the menu, but don’t skip over the seasonal options. Especially when that seasonal option is a pumpkin donut.
Where: 4061 E Livingston Ave, Columbus, OH 43227