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7 Wonderful Independent Book Stores In Columbus

There are honestly very few things I enjoy more than reading a good book. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would and have read anything.

Oven manuals, sports biographies, you name it. Any book that sparks the smallest interest in my mind. From sweeping fantasy series that are each hundreds of pages long to quick coming-of-age novels. If it has a decent plot, I won’t put it down.

I’ve always preferred to own my books instead of borrowing from the library. The Columbus Metropolitan Library is an amazing resource that we are so fortunate to have in this city. But I’m tough on books. I bend their covers and corner their pages. I highlight things and spill my coffee on them. It’s better for everyone if I just purchase upfront. Of course, I’ve ordered things from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but usually, I don’t have anything specific in mind.

I like to come across things. I like to pick up a quietly ignored paperback, read a random page, and see if it starts to come alive. This is why I’m obsessed with independent bookstores. I grew up visiting them and as an adult, it’s my favorite form of shopping. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites here for you, in the hopes that you can come across something inspiring as well.

The Book Loft

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In the heart of German Village lies The Book Loft. This 32 room bookstore is one of the best independently owned bookstores I’ve ever been to. The fascinating maze leads you through every topic imaginable with most of the rooms covering different topics or themes. My favorite part about The Book Loft is that it’s open until 11 PM, perfect for literary night-owls like myself.

Cover to Cover

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Cover to Cover is a great option for the young readers in your life. In operation since 1980, they have helped generations of children in Clintonville cultivate their love of reading. With over 20,000 titles, Cover to Cover specializes in Children/Youth books. The shop has hosted authors such as Newbery winner Kwame Alexander, Rae Carson, Diane Rappaport, and many more.

Paperback Exchange

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If you’re up for an adventure to Lancaster, you can’t skip Paperback Exchange. The shop has amazing prices. Paperbacks are half off the publisher’s price with a maximum of $6 and hardcovers can be snagged for just $4.99. Plus, if you’re selling back used items yourself, you can earn store credit. To shop online, you can visit their Amazon page here.

Beanbag Books

Beanbag Books, formerly Fundamentals, in historic downtown Delaware is well worth the drive. It’s a great source of resources for children, parents, and educators in Central Ohio. The shop hosts writers, authors, and illustrators at various events, giving children and adults the unique experience to meet some of the people who are creating their favorite stories. Currently, the shop is undergoing renovation, but you can order online or visit Beanbag’s pop-up location at 9 N. Sandusky Street.


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Gramercy Books in Bexley has something for readers of all ages. Not only do they have great books for sale, but they also make literature a way of life. Gramercy offers book clubs, author events, and storytime. From young adult to nonfiction, Gramercy has you covered.

Prologue Books

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Located in the heart of the Short North Arts District, Prologue Bookshop is an urban oasis for book lovers. The store features a variety of genres and authors, which is perfect for those days when you know that you want to read something new, but you aren’t quite sure what.

Two Dollar Radio

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Two Dollar Radio is one of the coolest, most unique bookstores in the city. Located on Parsons Ave. on the city’s south end, Two Dollar Radio is an independent bookseller, a cafe, a bar, and an event space, all wrapped into one. Two Dollar Radio is also a printer, giving independent authors an opportunity to see their books sold in stores. So go grab a book and a drink, and enjoy your afternoon.