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The Most Delicious Strawberry Cake In The World Is Right Here In Columbus

Every now and then, you just need something sweet.

There are plenty of places around town to satisfy your sweet tooth, but there’s only one place that makes the perfect strawberry cake: Golden Delight Bakery.

For over 20 years, Golden Delight has been gaining a loyal following here in Columbus, ready to sing the praises of their famous strawberry cake. In fact, within moments of stepping foot inside the bakery, I had a patron explaining to me that I just had to get a piece of strawberry cake.

“It’s the icing,” she explained as she waited for her son’s birthday cake. “It’s just the best cake ever.”

And she’s not the only one who thinks so.

For decades, customers have been coming back to Golden Delight for special occasion cakes, individual slices, and a myriad of other baked goods offered at the Asian-inspired bakery.

I already knew I had to try the cake so I didn’t need much convincing. But I did take time to peruse the other offerings at the bakery and I was not disappointed.

In addition to the strawberry cake, I added a slice of their chocolate cake, a loaf of cream cheese bread, a brownie, and a pork bun to my order.

If you were wondering if Golden Delight is the kind of place that only excels at one thing, let me put your mind at ease.

Everything I got was delicious in its own, unique way.

The pork bun wasn’t a traditional Asian steamed bun, it was almost more like an English stuffed pastry, with a flaky, buttery dough and a savory filling of pulled pork. The brownie was easily one of the best I’ve ever had, with a dense, no crumble texture and topped with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

The loaf of cream cheese bread was easily the most surprising thing I purchased. The bread has actual chunks of cream cheese dotted throughout. When I got it home, I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with it, but I made French toast with it and it was incredible.

But none of those delectable treats compare with the perfection that was the two slices of cake I ordered. The cakes are layer cakes, with two rows of sponges perfectly surrounding a fluffy, whipped icing filling.

In the strawberry cake, the filling layer also included fresh-cut strawberries. When the customer in front of me in line spoke about the icing, she was really onto the magic of this cake. The whipped icing is less sweet than other kinds of icing.

It’s common in Asian bakeries and the icing has a lighter-than-air texture that perfectly compliments the sponge cake. Speaking of the sponge… I’m convinced it might actually be magic. It’s so light and moist, with no crumbling or falling apart.

You can order a whole strawberry cake or grab it by the slice.

Both options are affordable and worth every penny. In fact, the entire order for all of the treats I purchased came to just under $20.

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To make it even easier, there are two Golden Delight locations around town to visit. You’ll find one on the north side at 1516 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220 and one out east at 246 Lincoln Cir C, Gahanna, OH 43230. For more info, you can visit