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The Best Places For Dessert In Columbus, And What To Try At Each One

Every now and then, I get a sweet tooth I just can’t ignore. There’s nothing that a perfectly baked pastry can’t fix, right? Columbus has so many great places where you can stop in and take a bite out of flavorful.

From cakes to candies, there are a lot of dessert options in this town. Here are the best places to go, and what treat you should try at each location.

Pistacia Vera

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Details: Pistacia Vera is all about handcrafted pastries. It’s a great little spot to meet up with friends and enjoy a sweet treat alongside a cup of coffee.
Address: 541 South Third Street in German Village or stop by their set-up in North Market!
What to try: Hands down, without a doubt, try one of their incredible macarons. It’s what they’re known for and they do it oh so well.
Website: Pistacia Vera

Winans Chocolates + Coffees

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Details: Winans is a family-owned joint with delicious coffee and even better chocolates. I always feel a European elegance whenever I visit Winans. I probably watched Chocolat one too many times in my teenage years, but seriously, this place is a great stop when you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Address: Various Location. Click here for more info.
What to try: Get an assortment of chocolates. Trust me, you deserve to try all of them.
Website: Winans Chocolates + Coffees

Resch’s Bakery

Details: For the first 27 years of my life, I never had the joy of experiencing anything from Resch’s Bakery. But don’t worry about me, I’m making up for the lost time. They’re probably best known for their birthday and wedding cakes, but there are a lot of other little goodies on the menu as well.
Address: 4061 E Livingston Ave.
What to try: It seems absurd that out of all of the things I could choose from their bakery menu, I’m choosing donuts, but they really are that good.
Website: Resch’s Bakery

Chocolate Cafe

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Details: On their website, Chocolate Cafe describes a visit to their shop as a “Columbus-based chocolate experience,” and we couldn’t agree more. From chocolate cocktails to chocolate cakes, it’s pure heaven.
Address: 1855 Northwest Blvd.
What to try: One of my favorite items in the whole city just happens to call Chocolate Cafe home, and that is their dessert truffles.
Website: Chocolate Cafe

Bake Me Happy

Details: Avoiding gluten? Well, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid yummy baked goods. Bake Me Happy serves up a host of delightful, gluten-free menu items.
Address: 500 E Whittier St. and 6750 Longshore St. (Bridge Park)
What to try: Two words: Zebra. Cake. Wait, is it too late? Because Donut Muffin is a really strong contender as well. Maybe just be adventurous and order both!
Website: Bake Me Happy

Fox in the Snow Cafe

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Details: Everything on the menu at Fox in the Snow deserves a taste if we’re being honest. But my usual criteria is “will this pair well with my New Orleans iced coffee?” Because I can’t go to Fox in the Snow and not order one.
Address: Locations in German Village, Italian Village, and New Albany.
What to try: My go-to sweet at Fox in the Snow is their cinnamon roll. It’s great if you’re meeting up with a friend because it’s so huge that you’ll definitely have some leftover to share.
Website: Fox in the Snow Cafe

Cherbourg Bakery

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Details: This awesome gluten, nut, and dye-free spot is Cherbourg Bakery. This Bexley gem has a pretty loyal following, so it’s not unusual to encounter a short wait during busy times. But you won’t have to wait long and it will absolutely be worth it.
Address: 541 S Drexel Ave.
What to try: Nothing will brighten up your day faster than a lemon bar from Cherbourg. Simply divine.
Website: Cherbourg Bakery

Schimdt’s Sausage Haus

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Details: If you’re new to Columbus, you may be wondering what a sausage restaurant is doing on this list. But they’ve made the cut for their incredible German pastry.
Address: 240 E Kossuth St.
What to try: The answer will always be the Cream Puff. You can get special seasonal variations, or the traditional one. Either way, you’ll fall in love.
Website: Schimdt’s

Belle’s Bread

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Details: Belle’s Bread is a French-inspired Japanese Bakery in north Columbus, and if you’ve never had the chance to visit, you’re going to want to do that as soon as possible. Their menu is full of delicious choices.
Address: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall
What to try: This is a really tough choice to make, but I’m going to have to give you a sort of generic option. Any of the sweet bread, aka Kashi Pan, will make you so happy. I tend to gravitate towards the Nutella Kitty, but seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of them.
Website: Belle’s Bread

Dough Mama

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Details: Dough Mama got started making pies for all of your favorite restaurants in Columbus. Now they have two locations where you can stop in for a bite to eat or a sweet treat, or both.
Address: 3335 N. High Street
What to try: Please do yourself a favor and order a slice of the Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie. It’s ridiculously good.
Website: Dough Mama

The Original Goodie Shop

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Details: The Original Goodie Shop is a family-owned store with decades of service under their belt. The treats here are made from scratch and oh-so-delicious.
Address: 2116 Tremont Center
What to try: Donuts should absolutely be on your must-have list at The Original Goodie Shop. You can grab an assorted dozen or place an order for their donut cake (it’s huge and so yummy) and either way, you will be one happy camper.
Website: The Original Goodie Shop

Get out there and enjoy some dessert, Columbus!