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The Best Bread In Columbus

Does delicious, doughy, fluffy bread even need an introduction?

Probably not, but I like to talk and I like talking about bread, so here it goes. Bread and the human race go back a long time. Like, 14,000+ years long. Without bread and beer, the world as we know it would be a very, very different place.

So in celebration of one of the greatest human innovations of all time, let’s talk about the best bread in Columbus.

Dan the Baker

via Facebook

About: If you’re looking for the kind of place where you leave smelling like fresh-baked bread and sunshine, then you definitely want to check out Dan the Baker. Not only can you find his amazing bread and pastries at the bakery, but you can also find them all around town at other cafes as well.
Location: 1028 Ridge Street Columbus, OH 43215
Website: Dan the Baker

Golden Delight Bakery

Photo by Chelsea Wiley

About: While Golden Delight is mostly known for its iconic Strawberry Cake, they’ve also got some incredible bread available. They have loaves of sweet bread in a variety of flavors including taro, rum raisin, cheddar cheese, and my personal favorite, cream cheese.
Location: 246 Lincoln Cir C, Gahanna, OH 43230 and 1516 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
Website: Golden Delight Bakery

Matt’s Bakery

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About: Your quest for the perfect challah is now at an end. Matt’s Bakery is kosher and offers every kind of challah you could ever want, including regular challah, ceremonial challah, raisin challah, pull-apart challah, and even challah rolls. The bakery also happens to have a variety of other bread like hotdog and hamburger buns, Italian loaf, French bread, and more.
Location: 39 S Yearling Rd, Columbus, OH 43213
Website: Matt’s Bakery

Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery & Cafe

Photo by Chelsea Wiley

About: If you’ve never had Shokupan from Belle’s Bread, are you even living? This Japanese delight is most similar to white loaf bread, but please don’t let that description fool you. It’s fluffy and perfect in every way. It would be criminal not to mention Belle’s perfectly made An Pan, a sweet roll with filling. Belle’s likes to mix it up when it comes to fillings and these adorable bears have a strawberry filling.
Location: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall.
Website: Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery & Cafe

Auddino’s Italian Bakery

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About: When is the last time you had a pastry so good that it brought you to tears? If you head to Auddino’s at your earliest convenience and order one, you can answer that question with a firm “right effing now”. I love croissants, and I love donuts, so why on earth did I ever think I wouldn’t fully be on board with a doughsant? (alternatively known as a “cronut”) It’s a mystery. Additionally, this Italian bakery has all kinds of other yummy pastries and bread, so no matter what you like, it’s worth a visit.
Location: Auddino’s Italian Bakery is located at 1490 Clara St, near the fairgrounds.
Website: Auddino’s Italian Bakery