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Goat Yoga Is A Very Real And Very Adorable Thing You Can Do In Columbus

Have you ever been to a yoga class with a bunch of kids running around? And by kids, I mean baby goats.

If you haven’t, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering how you can turn that dream into a reality. And the answer is simple: visit Harrison Farm.

The internet has been a buzz for years now about Goat Yoga classes, and for good reason. The classes consist of practicing yoga while being jumped on and serenaded by adorable goats.

While the yoga class relaxes your muscles and helps clear your mind, the goats frolic about and give participants a good giggle.

Beginners are encouraged to join in on the farm fun at Harrison Farm’s Goat Yoga class. The class is totally casual and will last an hour, which let’s be honest, probably isn’t long enough.

Class takers will also get the chance to see other farm animals like the donkey, chickens, cats, dogs and the other animals residing on Harrison Farm.

via Facebook

Tickets are $20 per person and the Goat Yoga season lasts from May to October. Spots fill up fast (obviously) and you can reserve yours by sending an email to You can check out the Goat Yoga schedule on Facebook.

For more information about Harrison Farm’s goat yoga, visit their Facebook.