The Largest Cottonwood Tree In Ohio Is Just North Of Columbus, Across The Street From A Vet’s Office

Originally published 9/19/17. Updated 8/13/19/

How much do you know about trees?

I’m being honest when I say, probably more than I should, but not enough to impress anyone. All of that is to say that I was pretty excited when I found out about this amazing, giant cottonwood tree.

Ohio is home to more than 275 species of trees. Ten trees found in Ohio are the largest found in the United States. Just north of Columbus, you’ll find one of the most amazing trees that nature has to offer.

About the tree

This Giant Cottonwood Tree stands at 136 feet and the circumference of its base is nearly 31 feet. It’s the second-largest tree in all of Ohio, and the largest Eastern Cottonwood tree east of the Mississippi River.

To put that into perspective, LeBron James has a wingspan of 7 feet. That means it would take nearly 4-and-a-half LeBron’s to hug this tree! The height is nearly half as tall as a Giant Sequoia (Redwood).

In the right conditions, Cottonwood trees can live for hundreds of years, and this tree is still growing.

Where to find it

The cottonwood can be found across the street from the offices of veterinarian Dr. Don R. Mann, who first nominated the tree as a grand champion. It’s a very short walk across a street and down a small hill, but you won’t miss it, due to its massive size.

What to do

When you get to the tree, we recommend that first, you take an awesome photo to document your experience. Remember that while you’re there, you are in nature. Take care to clean up after yourself and leave the tree and surrounding area as beautiful as you found it.

This is a big tree, so if you’re planning on photographing it, you’ll want a wide lens. If you’re going alone, be sure to take a tripod! The tree is massive and it makes a big difference when you can see it to the scale of a human being.

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