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These Incredible Art Installations At Easton Are So Very Instagram Worthy

There’s a lot to be excited about in Easton’s newest district.

From the beautiful rooftop dining experience at RH Columbus to the quirky, oversized milkshakes at Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce. But one of the most exciting parts of the new area is the stunning outdoor spaces.

You can take a stroll through colorful alleyways or grab a drink on Instagram-worthy patios, and a lot of that charm is due to seven new art installations in the area. Easton invited local artists to create new pieces of public art that totally enhance visitors’ experiences and each new piece has its own unique vibe.

You can read a more detailed description of each piece and the artists who created them over on Easton’s website. But for now, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

The Leviathan | Artist: Jacob Tanner

The Leviathan was created by Jacob Tanner, a local Columbus artist. He combined his classical painting skills with graffiti to create a massive, impressive mural at Easton.

“Getting approached by Easton was a huge honor and sort of a milestone for my career personally,” said Tanner. “Landing a large-scale mural project has been a goal of mine for the past 10 years or so, and I’ve watched the mural scene grow from almost nothing in Columbus to people actually taking in good consideration for the art form. I speak for myself and all artists in the city when I say we are super appreciative of Easton taking into account murals as public art and a legitimate art form.”

Maiden Shield: Strength in Numbers | Artist: Catherine Bell Smith

Artist Catherine Bell Smith wanted to create art that represents women banding together and becoming stronger. Maiden Shield was created with a combination of natural materials, like sycamore bark, and industrial materials like aluminum.

If you touch the piece, you will find it is covered by a layer of braille. “It’s a silent language which I think is what visual artists usually do,” said Bell Smith. “We talk silently. It’s a visual language rather than spoken language. It’s just a way to add another layer to the piece and it’s subtle. It’s quiet, but for me, it’s really important.”

Tasting New Life | Artists: Derrick Hickman and Barbara Fant

This collaborative piece features a stunning mural and a poem. The mural was painted by CCAD alum Derrick Hickman and the accompanying poem was written by Barbara Fant.

“We tried to create a static meaning to memories that are at a constant state of evolving, considering how it suites us at the time,” said Hickman. “That was what the work was about – this idea of self-created folklore. The obstruction and distortion of the line work and the color modulations are meant to get in the way, or obstruct the viewer from getting the whole message. They get bits and pieces of it, sort of like how when you tell someone a story and they walk away with their own ideas of it.”

Untitled | Artist: Clint Davidson

This piece, created by Clint Davidson, is a unique blend of styles, including typography and references to graffiti.

“When I was originally approached by Easton to be a part of this project, I was really excited and honored by the opportunity,” said Davidson. “When we talk about supporting artists in the community it’s more than just tapping a screen a couple of times. When you pay artists to do their work and put it in a public place, where they’re proud to have their work on display it creates not only an economy in itself within the arts, but it also creates more opportunities for the public to see what artists in our community can do. I think by doing so, each artist that’s a part of this will grow and have opportunities that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Urban Hearth | Artist: Tony Ball of Torkworks

Urban Hearth was created to be a source of warmth and comfort for guests visiting the new area at Easton. Created by Tony Ball and Torkworks, the piece shows off some exemplary metalworking and creativity.

“The inspiration for the piece was basically looking at their [Easton’s] idea board and we kind of took the elements we saw around there and their inspiration board and said ‘ok we can make it this way,’” said Ball. “It you look, the line work is just drawing your eyes up and the angles of the buildings really bring it together in a way that the piece ties back to the buildings.”

Bike Arch & Umbrella Alley | Kobalt Studios

Two of the most Instagram-worthy art installations at Easton are the Bike Arch and Umbrella Alley. These colorful, vibrant installations have a whimsical quality to them that you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

If you’re heading out to explore, please be sure to check Easton’s COVID-19 guidelines here. You can also keep the map below handy to help guide you while you’re exploring the art.