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This OSU Alum Is Making Hyper Realistic Cakes That Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Unless you live under a rock, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen the realistic cakes trend happening on the internet right now.

But just in case you missed it, allow me to fill you in. Cake artists take everything from fresh veggies to bags of chips and perfectly imitate their likeness into edible cakes. Is it a piñata? Nope, it’s a cake. Is it a fresh, juicy peach? No way, it’s another cake!

What you may not realize about this worldwide phenomenon is that we have an Ohio State alum who is truly a slice above the rest. Natalie Sideserf majored in art at OSU and after graduation, she found herself wondering where exactly she would be putting her skills to use.

Peach cake, created by Natalie Sideserf. Photo via Sideserf Cake Studio Facebook

After a friend asked her to make a cake, she realized that she could use her artistry to create beautiful things that also tasted delicious. She began working in a bakery and a couple of years later, she made a cake that changed her life. Natalie created a cake in the likeness of Willie Nelson that her brother posted to Reddit, and things really skyrocketed.

Using her art school skills, Natalie was able to create some truly impressive edible works of art.

“While I was at Ohio State, I was using these different materials, and I was learning how to sculpt and be artistic. So when I approach cake, I approach it in the exact same way,” Natalie told OSU back in 2018. “I had to teach myself how to use certain materials. It’s not that easy. You have to get your hands on it and work with it. And I think my education at Ohio State was absolutely necessary and absolutely influences how I work with cake today, and why I’ve had some successful moments.

Natalie’s business, Sideserf Cake Studio is located in central Texas, where she’s made cakes for everything from small family gatherings to cakes for country music star Keith Urban. You can find tons of her realistic cake content on Sideserf Cake Studio’s YouTube, and I’d like to start you down that road with this incredible cake of the one, the only, Michael Scott.