Do You Say “Ope”?

There are a lot of indicators that people are from the Midwest. We are (generally) kind, we love football, and we get overly excited when anyone talks about our hometown.

But according to Twitter user @Alex_but_online, those aren’t the only things we’re guilty of.

Well, Alex, now that you mention it, I do say “ope”. And now that I’ve realized it, I can’t help but notice everyone around me doing it as well.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can’t be identified as a Midwesterner by this quirky habit, let me explain.

“Ope”, which rhymes with “soap”, is a combination of oops and sorry. I find myself saying it when I accidentally bump into someone in the grocery store, or when I drop something at work.

Alex and I aren’t the only ones, either.

One Twitter user even went as far as to provide proof.

We may never know what causes Ohioans to “ope”. But At least we’ll always be able to find one another in a crowd. We’ll be the ones saying “Ope, Excuse me” as we bump into each other.


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