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Yeeeee! Haaaaaaw! Fireworks Will Soon Be Permitted In Ohio, Legally Allowing Residents To Blow Off Their Hand As Early As 2020

State legislation is now trying to undo Ohio’s oxymoronic fireworks law.

Remember that weird and slightly stupid loophole that allowed you to purchase fireworks in Ohio but didn’t allow you to set them off here? And remember how everyone pretty much went “mmm, naw, I’m just going to set these off here”. Well, soon you won’t even have to deal with that ever brief moral hesitation.

House Bill 226 was passed through the house Wednesday and is now making its way to the Senate. The bill will make it legal to operate and set off consumer-grade fireworks within state boundaries. Yeah, like no one did that on the 4th of July anyway.

The bill will also impose a 4% increase in taxes on the barely-non-weaponized explosive devices. The money will go directly to firefighter training and the state fire marshal’s office for regulation and enforcement of fireworks.

via Phantom Fireworks Facebook

Opposing the bill is Prevent Blindness Ohio, The Children’s Hospital Association, and the Ohio State Medical Association. You know, people who are generally against other people getting blown up and stuff.

If the bill makes it through the Senate we could be shooting off brightly colored missiles into the night sky as early as 2020. It would make Ohio one of 44 states that allow people to legally set off fireworks. Once again, we’ll be cutting through all that red tape to participate in our nation’s favorite pastime: blowing stuff up cuz ‘Murica, that’s why.