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Cook For Yourself: A Guide To The Best Cooking Classes In Columbus

Unless you learned how to cook from your parents, you probably had to learn everything you know about the kitchen on your own. If you’re like me, that knowledge is still severely limited. Home Ec wasn’t my thing in high school, so all of these years in the real world, I’ve just been winging it with Pinterest tutorials and questionable internet recipes. I’ve made some progress, but I’ve decided cooking classes are the next step in my path to successful meals. Since I’m ready to move on from ramen and grilled cheese, I’ve rounded up some of the best cooking classes in Columbus.

The Seasoned Farmhouse

The Seasoned Farmhouse via Facebook

Located in the heart of Clintonville, The Seasoned Farmhouse offers an incredible variety of cooking classes. By coordinating the classes with seasonal foods, food challenged people like myself can not only learn how to cook, but how to put a menu together by what’s available during the season. If you’re too scared to go alone, The Seasoned Farmhouse offers classes for groups as well as individuals.

The Seasoned Farmhouse

The Kitchen

The Kitchen via Facebook

Taking cooking classes to the next level, The Kitchen in German Village offers a unique experience called “participatory dining”. With help from the professionals, you and your friends can learn to prepare a top notch dinner, and then enjoy your hard work with a glass of wine afterwards. There is no set price because pricing changes based upon the ingredients you’ll be working with. If you’re looking for a little extra fun, check out one of The Kitchen’s many themed nights.

The Kitchen

The Hills Downtown Market

The Hills Market Downtown via Facebook

The private cooking classes offered by Hills Downtown Market are a great way to spend a night with your closest friends. You’ll spend the first hour of your class in demonstration mode where a “professional foodie” will walk you through the preparation. The second hour is spent enjoying the hard work, discussing wine pairings and chowing down. Wine and champagne is included in the cost, and The Hills offers a variety of meal packages including seafood, beef, poultry and vegetarian options.

The Hills Market Downtown

Sur la Table

Sur La Table via Facebook

Whether you’re looking for a private event or a scheduled class, Sur La Table can accommodate your every cooking whims. Located at Easton Town Center, Sur La Table is a family friendly, even offering daytime cooking classes for kids. So get out of your own kitchen and go make a mess at Sur la Table. Like their website says, they’ll even take care of the dishes.

Sur La Table

The Commissary

The Commissary via Facebook

One of my favorite places in Columbus for cooking related needs has to be The Commissary. They offer a variety of classes, including a class on how to teach cooking classes. Not only do you get the opportunity to make delicious food for yourself and your friends, they contribute wonderful things to our local community. Every Thursday between 4-7PM, people are encouraged to donate pots and pans to their Recycle program, which helps provide cooking supplies to families in need.

The Commissary

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