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The 7 Best Ramen Joints In Columbus

If there’s one thing I think this city needs a little more of, it’s ramen. Obviously, I’m not talking Top Ramen here people, even though TikTok has helped me up my cheap ramen game.

But I’m talking authentic, mouthwatering, so good you order seconds ramen. Like, if my feelings about ramen were a GIF, it would definitely be this one.


As I said, we could use a little more amazing places to eat some ramen. But what I didn’t say is that I’m sort of being greedy because there are already some places to get an incredible bowl of ramen in Columbus. Here are some of my favorites.


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When I think about ramen, Meshikou is usually the first spot that comes to mind. I’ve honestly never had a bad dish there. On top of yummy eats like the Spicy Miso Ramen or the Fireball Tonkotsu, you’ll also be impressed by the super friendly and helpful staff. You can read more about our visit right here.
Address: 1506 Bethel Rd. Columbus, OH
Website: Meshikou

Fukuryu Ramen

Photo by Chelsea Wiley

Fukuryu Ramen is such a delight. I’m not quite sure why, but when I eat there I always feel like I’m on vacation. Maybe that’s because it feels like a place that’s way too cool for me. They have a huge variety of ramen options, including traditional and modern styles. They also offer Japanese fried chicken and it’s See, I’m really not cool.
Address: 4540 Bridge Park Ave., Dublin, Ohio and 1600 West Lane Ave, #160 Upper Arlington, Ohio. There’s also a ghost kitchen in downtown Columbus for deliveries only.
Website: Fukuryu Ramen

Tensuke Express

Before we even talk about the ramen, we have to talk about the fact that when you walk into Tensuke Express, you’ll pass a sign on a ceiling that says, “Don’t bump your noodle”. It’s precious and it instantly makes you realize that you’ve come to the right place for a pick me up. The ramen is here is good, so you should probably prepare yourself for a little wait. Which is alright, because it will only make you appreciate it more.
Address: 1155 Old Henderson Rd. Columbus OH 43220
Website: Tensuke Express

Capital Ramen Food Truck

If you can’t go to the ramen, the ramen can come to you. Well, you’ll still have to put in some effort, but not too much. Capital Ramen Food Truck can be found in various locations around downtown Columbus, which means you can get it quickly on your lunch break!
Address: Find the food truck here
Website: Capital Ramen Food Truck

Tiger + Lily

via Tiger + Lily

I love Tiger + Lily for so many reasons, but the reason I love them the most is their ramen. They’ve got a decently sized menu, with options ranging from beef to turkey and just about everything in between. They also have soupless noodles, which is basically ramen without the broth.
Address: 19 E Gay St. Columbus, Oh
Website: Tiger + Lily

Rishi Sushi

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I have to admit, if I could put Rishi on every food list that exists, I probably would. While they may be more famous for their incredible sushi, they serve up some mean ramen. You can get either Shoyu or Miso ramen, and you get to customize everything.
Address: 114 N 3rd St. Columbus, OH
Website: Rishi Sushi

Ampersand Asian Supper Club

Ampersand Asian Supper Club has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus. Their ramen is so delicious and they’ve got these killer french fries that you probably won’t have room for but you should order anyway.
Address: 940 N High St. Columbus, OH 43201
Website: Ampersand Asian Supper Club