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15 Things Every Buckeye Fan Needs For The Perfect Watch Party

Planning the perfect Buckeye Party can be a little stressful.

What kind of food will you serve? Is your house sufficiently decked out to show your Buckeye Pride? Is your Woody Hayes bobblehead positioned correctly to ensure a victory? Okay, maybe that last thing is just something I worry about, but we all have our superstitions right? If you’re planning on throwing the perfect OSU watch party, here are XX items you can be sure will impress all of your guests. Except for that one ❌ichigan fan you know. We get it Steve, you like to be different.


Very few people will show up to your Buckeye party and not expect to be fed. Sure, you can do standard cookout food, but you’re better than that. Here are some ways to take your eats to the next level.

Get a little crafty and cut out a Block O Watermelon

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If there isn’t cake, is it even a party?

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Buckeye Candies are iconic and it would be a shame to skip them.

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Everyone loves sweets, so don’t be afraid of “overdoing” it. There’s no such thing.

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Buckeye Trail Mix is perfect for snacking from the comfort of the couch, hopefully, while you’re watching the Buckeyes run up the score!

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If you’ve been waiting for the main course, wait no longer. Script Ohio Pizza, y’all. I can’t even.

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A couple of signature cocktails can really elevate your party. Also, they’ll get you drunk, which is totally acceptable at noon if there’s a game on.

Craving a fruity, light cocktail? These are perfect for those early season games when it still manages to be 90 degrees.

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Once the weather cools off and the idea of something a little heavier doesn’t make you want to barf, you’ve got to try the “Boozy Buckeye Cocktail”.
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Want to make your home adequately represent your passion for the Buckeyes on gameday? You’ll succeed if you take any of these suggestions.

Make sure they know where the party’s at.

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In case your guests miss that hint, an appropriately decorated front door will do the trick.

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Can too much Buckeye stuff be tacky? I think not, especially if you incorporate some awesome handmade art.

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Going to the fridge to grab a beer? Don’t let them forget who you’re rooting for!

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This serving tray is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and I already ordered one for myself.

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Halftime Fun Zone

If they aren’t showing the best damn band in the land, you may as well have a little fun.

Cornhole is a great way to pass the time until the third quarter kicks in.

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And just in case anyone forgets what the objective of a super fun OSU party is.

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