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Vegetarian Restaurant, Comune, Is Open-And It’s Fantastic

You know how to tell if someone is a vegetarian? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

I feel like it’s totally safe for me to say that, as a vegetarian myself. While Columbus has a handful of great vegetarian restaurants and even more restaurants with a few good veggie options, I can’t tell you the joy I felt knowing that I could order everything on the menu at Comune. Everything.

Comune opened just last month, on Parsons Ave in the South End. It’s located in a prime location, near Plank’s on Parsons, The Crest, and the soon to open Parsons North Brewing Company (!!!!).  I headed in during their lunch hours (they’re closed daily from 3p-5p) and was immediately pleased with the bright, airy interior. And the plants. Oh man, the plants. Nearly every nook and cranny has some form of live greenery, adding to the chill atmosphere.

Comune has ample indoor seating, and they anticipate their patio space to be open by Spring. They have a full-service bar area and separate dining area for larger groups. I was struck by the wooden seating, both the benches and the chairs. Mostly because I wanted to steal them, but thought it might be noticeable. 

If you’re scrolling through these pics, you’ll notice that the whole joint is Insta-Worthy. From air plants to industrial light fixtures, you’ll be seeing a lot of this place in your feed, soon. There’s a casual seating area nestled just inside the front door, with lots of natural light and a good view of the neighborhood.  Comune is an easy walk from Nationwide Children’s, and a quick bike ride from German Village.

Their drink menu is totally original, but I felt like it might be inappropriate to order booze at 11 am…with a toddler in tow.  If I had ordered a drink, it may have been hard to narrow it down. I was drawn to the “We Got the Beet,” and not just because it’s a pun. It has beet mezcal in it, plus Aperol, which I love. I would’ve also loved to try the “I Have the Pawa” which listed avocado fat as an ingredient. 

I wanted to make sure I ordered more than one entree so I could share my thoughts in a thorough fashion. So my gluttony was all for you. I started with the Autumn Salad (pictured below) tender greens, seasonal vegetables, nut-brittle, apple-butter vinaigrette.  It. Was. Insane. I loved every bite (okay fine, I just liked the radish). But seriously, this was the best salad I’ve ever had. Super flavorful and just the right mix of texture, which is what I look for in my salads, obvi. 

In an effort to be fair, I saved half of this sandwich for my husband to try. And I regret it. I was intrigued by the preparation of the sweet potato, the peel is left on and it’s sliced and prepared as if it’s the “meat.” I thought I might not like it and was worried it’d be too thick or not cooked thru. It was ah-mazing. It’s on the menu as the Sweet Potato Torta, black bean, queso fresco, jalapeno, cilantro, and mayo on a baguette. I didn’t have room for dessert, but that’s an option too. There’s a lavender-citrus sorbet made with beets that I bet is surprisingly delightful. 

Comune is located at 677 Parsons Ave, check out their website for hours & menu information. Reservations accepted. And please go. Us vegetarians need you carnivores on our side here. Did I mention I’m a vegetarian ??