The Best Plant-Based Restaurants And Options In Columbus

Being a vegan in any city takes a little work. Let’s face it, when it comes right down to it, Columbus is a Midwestern metropolis, and the Midwest is practically defined by its love of cheese and meat.

But fear not my herbivore and fruitarian friends, this city actually has more than a few places to satisfy your non-animal needs, and best of all, they’re also pretty delicious. So let’s check out the best places to get some vegan grub, more than one may surprise you.

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace

Not only do they offer a vegan Tofurkey dog but they also have vegan options for their polish sausage and their bratwurst. All that awesome deliciousness doesn’t stop there. Try their vegan chili piled on top of a vegan poppy seed bun, complete with a side of fried leeks or vegan fried tater tots. Who said vegan couldn’t be fun?

Seitan’s Realm

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Seitan’s Realm is a badass food truck that’s heading to a brick and mortar location in Clintonville soon. Their menu includes a variety of sandwiches and you can pair your favorite with some loaded curly fries. Follow Seitan’s Realm on Instagram to see where their food truck will be popping up and get in on this action.

Woodhouse Vegan

Woodhouse Vegan is located over in Italian Village and if you’re craving nachos, there’s no place better to get your fix. Their OG Nachos are corn chips covered in nacho cheese, chipotle black beans, corn guacamole, pico de gallo, cashew sour cream, pickled red onions, scallions, and fresh jalapeño. They’re freaking incredible.

Eden Burger

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Eden Burger has everything from burgers to chili cheese fries. The food is filling, delicious, and if you’re just getting into the vegan lifestyle, you won’t be missing meat at all. Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based, including their fantastic shakes. Treat yourself to something yummy, friends.

Village Taco

Taco Tuesday will definitely become your new favorite day of the week once you’ve had a bite to eat at Village Taco on Parsons Ave. The menu is full of delightful plant-based goodies including tacos, burgers, burritos, corndogs, and more.

Pattycake Bakery

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A bakery that caters exclusively to vegan eaters, they offer all the traditional baked goods. From cupcakes to cookies to whoopie pies, you can get your favorite pastries made vegan-friendly. They also offer a few gluten-free options as well.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is actually an international vegan restaurant chain that strives to bring peace and vegan food to the world. They offer soups, sandwiches, and Asian food all of which made without animal products. They have many meat alternatives for their sandwiches for anyone craving a burger or a bbq sandwich.

Two Dollar Radio HQ

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Good books and great food come together at this vegan eatery on Parsons Ave. You can swing by and grab something to read while you munch on brunch, sandwiches, wraps, and more. If you are feeling a little DIY, you can even pick up the Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking and make something yummy for yourself.

Portia’s Café

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Closing out our list is Portia’s Cafe, an all vegan, all gluten-free restaurant that focuses on ordering from local organic suppliers. Portia’s offers a variety of wraps, salads, soups, and even quesadillas. With so many options you’re sure to find something delicious to chow down on.

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