Every Columbus Resident Should Have A Leisure Card, Here’s How You Can Get One

Let’s talk about saving money.

Specifically, saving money while doing awesome activities. If you’re new to Columbus, you may not realize that we have this incredible little program through our Recreation and Parks Department called the Leisure Card.

Before we get into all of the reasons why you need one, we’re going to start with the most obvious one: they only cost $1. I know the skeptic in you is probably thinking, “how much value could a $1 card have to me?”

Quite a bit, my friend.

How You Can Get A Leisure Card

To apply for a card, you’ll need to bring an accepted form of identification, which includes a Driver’s License, School Photo ID, current Employee or Military photo ID, or a valid unexpired passport. Kids under the age of 18 just need to have their application form completed by a parent or guardian.

You can purchase your leisure card at all Columbus community centers except Martin Janis, Cultural Arts Center, and the Franklin Park Adventure Center. To find out more details about getting your card, you should contact your local center for their hours!

What You Can Do With Your Leisure Card

This photo ID card will get you into community recreation centers and swimming pools around the city. Your kids won’t need one if they’re 5 or under, and the cards you do have to purchase for your family will be valid for 3 years!

When you go to the pool, you will have to pay an additional $1 to get in. Yes, you heard that right. $1 admission to any of the 8 community pools around the city when it’s way too hot to not be in a pool! It also means access to programs, classes, and activities at community recreation centers, like art classes, music classes, sports leagues, and more. Admission to the pool is cash only.

Basically, leisure cards are an amazing way to enhance your already awesome life here in Columbus. Now I’ll let you get going! You’ve got cards to order!

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