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The Best Lavender Farms In Ohio

Tucked away in various corners of Ohio are some pretty spectacular lavender farms that offer not only gorgeous views, but something fun and fragrant to bring home with you.

Whether you’re in the mood for a chill day out or just need a new Insta-worthy backdrop, these lavender fields are your ticket to pure bliss. But before you head out, let’s run through some quick tips to make your lavender farm adventure as dreamy as possible.

Tips for Visiting Lavender Farms in Ohio:

  • Bloom Season: Catch the blooms from mid-June to late August, depending on the variety and the whims of Ohio weather. Always check with the farm for the prime blooming schedule.
  • Bee Company: Lavender fields are buzzing with bees and other pollinators. They’re busy at work, so while you snap pics and pick flowers, give them space to do their thing.
  • Dress Smart: The fields can be uneven and a bit muddy. Rock some sturdy shoes and dress for a bit of nature walking.
  • Picking Supplies: Most places love it when you bring your own scissors and a basket. It’s all part of the u-pick experience!
  • After the Pick: Fresh lavender smells amazing and looks pretty in a vase, but don’t forget you can dry it and keep that calming scent around your home for months. Lavender’s great for cooking, making tea, or as a natural moth repellent too!
  • Now that you’re prepped, let’s dive into where you can find these aromatic wonders.

    Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm

    sunshine acres lavender farm
    via Facebook

    About:A visit to this family-owned micro-farm is like stepping into a little slice of purple heaven. During special harvest events, you can gather your own lavender and then relax with a cold glass of homemade lavender lemonade. Don’t forget to stroll through their wildflower patches for that extra touch of nature’s beauty.
    Address: 2471 Moore-Saur Rd, Morrow, OH 45152
    More info: Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm

    Lavender Trails

    lavender trails
    via Facebook

    About: Step into the Lavender Trails and you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a painter’s palette of purples, pinks, and whites. With over a mile of diamond-shaped gardens featuring eight varieties of lavender, this spot is a picker’s paradise. Once you’ve filled your basket, check out the gift shop for some unique, lavender-laced goodies to take home.
    Address: 360 Collins Blvd, Orrville, OH 44667
    More info: Lavender Trails

    Abundantly Blessed Farm

    abundantly blessed lavender farm
    via Facebook

    About: This boutique, woman-owned farm specializes in both culinary and hybrid lavender. Grab your blooms straight from their self-serve stand in the summer. The handmade lavender goodies available are perfect for gifts or a little self-indulgence.
    Address: 1140 Mt Zion Rd, Bucyrus, OH 44820
    More info: Abundantly Blessed Farm

    Maize Valley

    maize valley lavender
    via Facebook

    About: After you’ve handpicked a bunch of fragrant lavender, you unwind at a winery café right in the middle of the farm at Maize Valley. Visitors are invited to explore the lavender fields during the Lavender Festival, held June 29 & July 6.
    Address: 6193 Edison St NE, Hartville, OH 44632
    More info: Maize Valley

    Sunset Ridge Lavender Farm

    sunset ridge lavender farm
    via Facebook

    About: This vast 33-acre farm is home to nearly 4,000 plants spread across nine varieties of lavender. Here, you can harvest your own lavender, shop artisanal lavender products, and sip on refreshing lavender lemonade in a quaint purple barn that overlooks the fields.
    Address: 6360 Fowler Rd, Enon, Ohio 45323
    More info: Sunset Ridge Lavender Farm

    Featured image via Facebook.