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The 14 Best Places For Gluten-Free Grub In Columbus

Being gluten-free can get really hard when you are constantly trying to come up with new meals for yourself.

It’s even harder when you want to go out to eat and your options are limited. Whether you’re allergic, uber-healthy, or just want to try something new, Columbus has you covered with gluten-free menus.

Are you ready to eat? Because I’m ready to eat, y’all.


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Location: 541 S. Drexel Ave.
About: Cherbourg is one of my favorite places to go for a sweet treat and a coffee. My personal favorite is their signature double lemon bar. It’s so so good. My sister loves their s’mores bar. Try to go early when they open for the best selection!

Portia’s Cafe

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Location: 4428 Indianola Ave.
About: This vegan cafe offers a wide variety of yummy gluten-free options like wraps, soups, dips, and quesadillas. They even make their gluten-free wraps in-house.

Late Night Slice

Courtesy of Mikey’s Late Night Slice

Location: View multiple locations here.
About: Late Night Slice is known for their amazing pizza and atmosphere all over Columbus and it would be such a shame if our gluten-free friends couldn’t enjoy it too! Call ahead for your gluten-free personal pizza so that it’s ready when you arrive. This is the best gluten-free pizza in Columbus, in the very expert opinion of my eight-year-old sister.

Molly Woo’s
Location: 1500 Polaris Parkway
About: Molly Woo’s Asian Bistro has a gluten-free menu for both lunch and dinner. Their dinner menu features a variety of rice noodle dishes as well as sushi and stir-fry meat entrees.

Local Cantina

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Location View multiple locations here.
About: Local Cantina is one of the many great taco places Columbus has to offer us. Even better, all most all their tacos are served on corn tortillas minus two of them, which clearly say “flour tortilla”. These tortillas are super yummy! Sometimes corn tortillas can get hard but these stay soft and delicious. I love the roasted carnitas taco!

Bake Me Happy

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Location: 106 E. Moler St.
About: This is another good stop for some sweets and a latte. I love going to Bake Me Happy for an iced latte while I work and munch on their delicious oatmeal creme cloud or a zebra cake.

Harvest Pizzeria

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Location: View multiple locations here.
About: Harvest Pizzeria has become a local favorite for our family. Their pizzas are so yummy and they have a gluten-free crust that can be swapped in on any pizza, making it easy for our whole family to enjoy with both gluten and non-gluten eaters.

Marcella’s Italian Kitchen
Location: 615 N. High St.
About: Marcella’s is known for their delicious Italian classics. Now they offer gluten-free pasta and gluten-free pizza dough to be subbed in so you can still enjoy your favorite Italian dishes. They also have a variety of classic meat entrees that are gluten-free or can easily be made gluten-free.

Dirty Frank’s hot dogs
Location: 248 S. Fourth St.
About: Dirty Frank’s is a Columbus favorite and all their tasty hotdogs can be wrapped in a lettuce wrap or a gluten-free bun! I love the loaded potato dog and the Amy’s Big Boston.


Location: View multiple locations here.
About: Brassica is one of my favorite lunch spots when I’m looking for something quick. It doesn’t have any specific gluten-free labeled items, it just happens to be gluten-free. Their salad bowls are filled with tons of flavorful veggies and I love the chicken. Their hummus is also delicious.

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar
Location: View multiple locations here.
About: Cap City Fine Diner has an extensive gluten-free dinner menu as well as a kid’s gluten-free menu. Their gluten-free menu consists of many of their classic dishes like fish and chips and pork chops. They also have gluten-free beers and daily gluten-free desserts.


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Location: 1636 N. High St.
About: Almost everything at Trism is gluten-free or it can be substituted for a gluten-free option like gluten-free bread for their avocado toasts and sandwiches. Their smoothie bowls are gorgeous!

Hai Poke

Location 647 N. High St.
About: Hai Poke is a Hawaiian style fresh fish bowl restaurant. They’re known for their traditional poke bowls with tuna, salmon, tofu, or veggies. Most of these bowls are gluten-free or can easily be made gluten-free by not putting on one of the crispy toppings. If you haven’t tried Poke yet I highly recommend it!

Rusty Bucket

Location: View multiple locations here.
About: Rusty Bucket has classic American food and sometimes gluten-free restaurants have a tendency to be a little more… hipster? Rusty Bucket has a gluten-free menu, perfect for when you’re looking for just a classic burger or really just any meal out of your house!

Go out there and grab some grub, Columbus!


Originally published 12/19/18. Updated 12/4/19.