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Belle’s Bread Is A Delicious French-Inspired Japanese Bakery In A North Columbus Strip Mall

This bakery has been hyped by everyone, including Food & Wine. And that’s because it’s freaking delicious.

Belle’s Bread is tucked away in the Kenny Centre strip mall and it needs to be added to your “to try” list ASAP. The bakery serves up its French-inspired Japanese baked goods every day. The treats are made from scratch in-house by Belle’s team of 20 bakers.

I knew there was one specific item I wanted to try on the Belle’s Bread menu: Nutella Kitty. These adorable little pastries have been popping up in my Instagram feed for a while now and I couldn’t wait to get my paws on them. Sadly, I waited too long to get up to the bakery and they were already sold out when I arrived.

I was momentarily stunned, but then a fellow Belle’s customer chimed in. She told me that the real must-have item at the bakery wasn’t Nutella Kitty, but rather Curry Donuts. These curry-filled treats come with or without egg, but since my fellow bread enthusiast suggested that I give the Curry Egg Donut a shot, I decided to trust her judgment.

It was a fantastic decision. It’s probably the hardest pastry that I’ve ever had to describe, but if I was going to give it a shot, I’d say that it reminded me of a spicy scotch egg.

As I shopped, I tried to balance sweet and savory treats. To be honest, I could have tried every single thing in the shop if I’d had the time and the budget, but since I was forced to choose I threw a few more bread items into my basket and made my way to the checkout.

The bakery is very affordable, the food is incredible, and the service was outstanding. If you’re looking to treat the family to a delicious breakfast or dessert, Belle’s Bakery is the place to be. To plan your visit, check out the Belle’s Bread website.