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The 5 Best Places For Pumpkin Pie In Columbus (Outside Of Grandma’s Kitchen)

If you need to get your pumpkin pie fix without grandma’s recipe, turn to these places.

Look, we get it, everybody’s grandma pretty much makes the best pumpkin pie this side of the outer belt. I’m not even going to argue that. But what if you’re stuck in the nightmare situation in which you can’t get to your grandma’s kitchen this fall to taste her amazing pie?

Do you just go pie-less?

Nope. No way. Not in Ohio, my friend. That’s practically a Midwest faux pas.

These are the 5, break-in-case-you-don’t-have-grandmas-recipe, emergency stops where you can get some of the best-tasting pumpkin pie in the city. Some of them, dare I say, may even be better than gran’s dusty old pies. But hey, you keep that between us, yeah?

Dough Mama

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Their Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie is actually blended with sweet potato, which nips in the bud the old argument between which is better, pumpkin or sweet potato. If you don’t have to choose, why bother?
Where:  3335 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202
Website: Dough Mama

Resch’s Bakery

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Resch’s has been supplying Columbus with delicious baked goods for more than 100 years. That’s a heck of a long time to perfect a pumpkin pie recipe. You can taste the love and experience in each bite of their famous pumpkin pies.
Where:  4061 E. Livingston Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43227
Website: Resch’s Bakery

Just Pies

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This family-owned baking business has three storefronts but insists on making all of their pies from scratch. They’ve been making baked goods with character since 1978, but they still find time to try new things and fiddle with the recipes.
Where: 736 Northfield Road #1, Westerville, Ohio 43082
Website: Just Pies

Mrs. Goodman’s Baking Co.

via Mrs. Goodman’s Baking Co.

Mrs. Goodman’s got started serving only pies. Although they’ve expanded their bakery since then, they still know how to make the perfect pumpkin pie. The crusts are flaky, buttery, and made from scratch, and the pumpkin filling is top-notch.
Where: 901 High St, Worthington, OH 43085
Website: Mrs. Goodman’s Baking Co.

Bake Me Happy

pumpkin pie bake me happy
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Bake Me Happy specializes in gluten-free baked goods that not only taste just as good as their gluten counterparts but actually taste better. Why have a good pumpkin pie when you can have a great one? And why have a great one when you can have a great one without all the heaviness from gluten? It’s genius for fitting more food in your belly come this Thanksgiving.
Where: 116 E Moler St Columbus, OH 43207
Website: Bake Me Happy