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This 1986 Footage from OSU’s Campus Is Absolutely Wild

Have you ever wondered what Ohio State’s campus looked like back in the 1980s?

Well, wonder no more. Whether you lived through it, or just have a certain affection for it, the 1980s were a unique time in life. The last decade before personal computers, mobile phones, and the internet, it was a time of wild fashion, great music (I said it, and I meant it) and absolutely insane haircuts.

This footage was shot in October 1986 on a sunny autumn day. Enjoy this blast from the past, friends.

The skyline looks different, but it’s hardly unrecognizable.

The LeVeque Tower and the Huntington Building are as prominent as ever.

Once the guys get down to campus, things start to look a little more 80s.

Take a look at N High Street facing downtown. Such boxy designs.

The man behind the camera explains that he lived in this house in the 1970s while attending OSU for only $1/day. Can you imagine rent for $30/month?

The guys were particularly impressed with this new, two-story McDonalds.

The interior is so late-80s/early-90s. I forgot how interior design back then was just, “How many fake plants can we fit in here?”

Long’s Book Store was still looking fresh.

I can’t imagine the amount of embarrassing photos that used to get developed at this Cord Camera.

The Oval was just as pretty as ever. Blue skies, green grass, and a gentle breeze.

The Newport was showing Monday Night Football.

And Kinko’s was still around, waiting to make copies of your English Lit project.

Columbus in the 80s. What a time to be alive.

You can watch the full video below.