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This Century-Old, Art Deco Tower Is The Most Iconic Building In Columbus

Columbus locals, you know it well: the iconic silhouette of the LeVeque Tower cutting a distinctive figure against our city skyline.

This architectural marvel isn’t just a visual landmark; it’s a storied piece of Columbus heritage that stands as a testament to our city’s grand history and ambitious spirit. Let’s delve into why the LeVeque Tower remains one of the most beloved landmarks in Columbus and why even those who pass it daily should give it a closer look.

A Nostalgic Journey to Columbus’ Sky-High Aspirations

Built in 1927, the LeVeque Tower originally soared as the American Insurance Union Citadel and quickly became the tallest building between New York City and Chicago.

aerial view of leveque tower in 1976
An aerial view of LeVeque Tower in 1976. Photo by David E. Lucas.

It was more than a building; it was a statement of hope and prosperity for Columbus during an era of immense growth and transformation. Today, it retains its charm and grandeur, reminding us of the city’s bold ambitions during the Roaring Twenties.

leveque tower 1967
The tower in 1967.

For many Columbus natives, the LeVeque Tower is a nostalgic emblem, intertwined with personal memories of the city’s changing landscape. It’s where generations have watched fireworks on the Fourth of July, celebrated new years, and witnessed countless festivals and parades.

Its presence is a comforting constant in the ever-evolving cityscape, standing proud as a beacon of continuity and resilience.

hotel leveque lobby
The lobby at Hotel LeVeque.

An Art Deco Masterpiece Right in Our Backyard

Taking a closer look, the LeVeque Tower is a prime example of Art Deco architecture, boasting intricate designs and craftsmanship that capture the artistic spirit of its time. The facade, with its terra cotta tiles, is detailed with elaborate motifs that epitomize the era’s fascination with geometry and nature.

hotel leveque loboby

Step inside the lobby, and you’re greeted by a lavish display of Art Deco splendor. The ceiling, adorned with stunning frescoes, and the floors, laid with intricate tiles, reflect a bygone era of opulence. It’s these details that make the LeVeque Tower not just a building, but a piece of art.

A Living Legacy in Modern Columbus

Beyond its historical and architectural significance, the LeVeque Tower has adapted to meet modern needs while honoring its past. It’s now home to offices, luxurious apartments, and the boutique Hotel LeVeque.

The hotel offers an experience that blends historical elegance with modern luxury, perfect for locals looking for a staycation or a unique spot to recommend to visiting friends.

hotel leveque roomleveque tower post card

The tower also remains a vibrant part of our community events. It lights up for holidays and special occasions, contributing to the city’s celebrations and becoming part of our collective moments of joy and tribute.

Rediscover the Magic of LeVeque

We often pass by familiar landmarks without a second thought, missing the opportunity to appreciate the rich stories they hold. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or new to Columbus, taking the time to visit or revisit the LeVeque Tower can offer a deeper connection to the city’s rich history.

Consider joining one of the historical tours offered, or simply stop by to enjoy the stunning lobby and perhaps a cocktail at The Keep, the hotel’s cozy bar with a speakeasy vibe. Each visit can be a rediscovery of the stories and beauty our city has to offer.