This Fantastic 8MM Footage Shows Us A Glimpse Of 1960s Life In Columbus

I love taking a look back at Columbus and this footage from 1964-1965 is no exception.

The film was shot by Youtuber gothpapa and his brother and features a ton of sights, including the construction of the Ohio Statehouse underground parking garage, a political rally for Barry Goldwater, tons of scenes around OSU campus, and even some fireworks.

In case you weren’t alive in 1964, I thought it would be fun to help paint the picture a little bit. In 1964, the average cost of a new car was $3,500. You could get a gallon of milk for $.49, a loaf of bread for $.22, and a gallon of gas for $.30. The Chase Tower (then the Bank One Tower) was completed and we were still 4-5 years from the first Wendy’s opening downtown.

It was a different time, for sure, but whenever you watch old videos like this, you realize that things haven’t changed that drastically.

Pretty cool, right? If this video taught me anything it’s that there is one constant in Columbus: construction.

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