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What’s The Most Obnoxiously Rich Suburb Of Columbus?, a website that does these sorts of lists and rankings (sample: Every State, Ranked by How Miserable Its Summers Are – We’re #26!), has created a list of most obnoxiously rich suburbs of the top 35 cities in America.

Columbus has fierce competition in this category (Upper Arlington, Dublin, Powell, Grandview, Bexley … hmm), but in the end, it probably had to be New Albany.

Here’s what they had to say about Les Wexner’s playground:

Columbus: New Albany, Ohio

Population: 7,724
Exciting and pompous fact: Sample names of subdivisions: The Preserve, The Reserve, The Woods at the Preserve, and, of course, Upper Brandon

Because old Albany is just a boring, at-best middle-class state capital in New York, New Albany shines with a Jack Nicklaus-built golf course for its country club, and, of course, the national headquarters for Abercrombie & Fitch, who’ve clothed the children of upper-middle-class suburbs for at least a generation. Even the apartments in New Albany Park just look like four different stately mansions glued together.

New Albany has apartments? Whaaaaaaat?

As of 2015, the estimated household income in New Albany is over $200k, according to online sources that I just Googled, and the median home price was $510,225.

Would you have picked New Albany or one of our other blessed suburbs?