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50 Ways To Volunteer In Columbus In 2023

Want to know the secret of feeling really, really good?

Alright, I’ll tell you. If you want to sleep easy at night, the surest way is to get out there in your community and give back.

Whether you’re looking to care for animals or people, Columbus has no shortage of volunteer opportunities where you can make the perfect volunteer match. Volunteering at any local organization is a great way to give back to the community and there’s no cause too small.

So how can you help in Columbus? Here are 50 ways to get involved in your area!

Helping the houseless

Columbus Coalition for the Homeless

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Focusing on education, advocacy, and empowerment. They offer webinars covering topics like the history of homelessness, why people become homeless, who is homeless, systemic racism, how to support homeless folks, and how to join the fight.
Website: Columbus Coalition for the Homeless

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

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Help ensure that families have a comfortable place to sleep at home by volunteering your time at the Furniture Bank where they repair and organize furniture and assist families with furniture selection.
Website: Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Andrew’s House

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Andrew’s House is home to seven different social-service agencies to help struggling individuals get back on their feet with all the necessary tools. There are copious amounts of volunteer opportunities here between yard work, meal prep, education efforts and plenty more.
Website: Andrew’s House

St. Stephen’s Community House

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Volunteer at the St. Stephen’s Community House to assist with seniors or young children. They have a variety of programs such as technology education for seniors, emergency family services, and after school care programs for children.
Website: St. Stephen’s Community House

The Homeless Families Foundation

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Volunteer to make a different in a child’s life. The Homeless Families Foundation‘s mission is to end homelessness by supporting children and families to get them to a stable lifestyle. Whether it’s reading to children or stocking their shelves there’s always a job to be done.
Website: The Homeless Families Foundation

Habitat For Humanity

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Habitat For Humanity builds housing for families in need. This homes change the lives of families all across central Ohio as the housing crisis continues to be a major issue. Volunteer your time with the building, the awareness, and much more.
Website: Habitat For Humanity

Star House

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Star House provides homeless teens with the resources they need to find housing, get back to school, and become successful adults. Volunteer your time in their donation warehouse or go through some training to be an engagement volunteer with the teens.
Website: Star House

The Open Shelter

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The Open Shelter provides individuals in need with meals and housing opportunities. They can always use help with keeping their facilities clean, getting their donations organized, and prepping meals.
Website: The Open Shelter


All People’s Fresh Market

Photo by Chelsea Wiley

All People’s Fresh Market provides a vital service on the south side of Columbus. Volunteers are needed to help distribute food to those in need. You can learn more about volunteering your time by clicking the link below.
Website: All People’s Fresh Market

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

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The Mid-Ohio Foodbank keeps an ongoing calendar of volunteer opportunities and events coming up. You could help stock grocery items in the Kroger pantry or even prep meals at one of their meal giveaways. Volunteers can register on their website for a multitude of opportunities.
Website: Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Life Care Alliance- Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides over 6,000 meals a day and you can help by volunteering as a driver or with a group to deliver. These meals are crucial parts of some people’s lives and a great way to really make a difference in a person’s day.
Website: Life Care Alliance- Meals on Wheels


Capital Area Humane Society

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Keeping pets happy and healthy is the best way to get them adopted into forever homes. Spend some time at the Capital Area Human Society feeding, cleaning, playing and loving the cats, dogs, and even bunnies!

Website: Capital Area Humane Society

Ohio Wildlife Center

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Volunteer at the Ohio Wildlife Center to answer questions about wildlife information or help with the wildlife hospital admissions.

Website: Ohio Wildlife Center

Franklin County Dog Shelter

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Franklin County Dog Shelter is always looking for volunteers. You’ll be donating your time to some truly adorable pups, taking dogs for walks, playing with them, and perhaps accompanying them to adoption events.
Website: Franklin County Dog Shelter

Pets Without Parents

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Are you obsessed with animals? This is perfect for you. Volunteer your time at Pets Without Parents to help feed, walk, and clean their cats and dogs. You can also assist with running the laundry and talking with potential adopters.

Website: Pets Without Parents

Colony Cats

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Crazy cat lady or just really into cats? Volunteer your time at the shelter or even foster a pet looking for a forever home with the Colony Cats program.
Website: Colony Cats

Sunrise Sanctuary

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This charming farm is home to dozens of rescued animals. Volunteers help out around the farm in a variety of capacities, including daily barn chores and grounds cleaning. Who wouldn’t want to start their morning out with these adorable animals?
Website: Sunrise Sanctuary

Canine Companions

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Canine Companions trains dogs to assist people with disabilities. Volunteering with Canine Companions means helping to train puppies to become the service dogs they are capable of being!
Website: Canine Companions

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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Help visitors have the most fun and educational experience possible at the Columbus Zoo by volunteering in one of their animal contact areas. Everybody loves the zoo, this is your chance to show your appreciation and give back!
Website: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Life Care Alliance- Senior Pet Care Program

Often as we age we aren’t able to care for our beloved pets the way we used to, but instead of giving them up the Senior Pet Care Program will bring volunteers to the homes of the elderly to assist with feeding, cleaning and veterinary visits. Having a pet can be really beneficial in a senior’s life so services like this can make a big difference.
Website: Life Care Alliance- Senior Pet Care Program


Columbus Recreation and Parks

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Columbus Recreation and Parks offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities. From helping to keep our parks clean and trash-free to planting trees, volunteers will have an easy time finding something meaningful to help out with.
Website: Columbus Recreation and Parks

Columbus Audubon

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Are you an environmental protection enthusiast? If so, the Columbus Audubon has plenty of ways for you to help preserve nature’s finest and bring awareness to pressing environmental issues.
Website: Columbus Audubon

The Garden At Gantz Farm

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The Garden at Gantz Farm is an opportunity to learn about agriculture throughout history. Volunteering at the garden means assisting with the preservation of historic gardens and encouraging the education of visitors.
Website:  The Garden At Gantz Farm

Franklin Park Conservatory

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Whether it’s getting your hands dirty in the garden or giving educational tours in the exhibitions, there’s plenty to be done at the Franklin Park Conservatory. You can volunteer alone or with a group!
Website: Franklin Park Conservatory


The American Red Cross

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The American Red Cross has plenty of volunteer opportunities for every age and every interest. You could teach a disaster prevention class, help with fundraising events, or volunteer at a blood drive. Whether you want to spend a few hours or make it a regular item on your weekly schedule, there’s always something for you.
Website: The American Red Cross

Equitas Health- Care for All

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Equitas Health Care for All programs helps individuals who experience medical disparities such as members of the LGBT+ community and those affected by HIV/AIDS.
Website: Equitas Health- Care for All

The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

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The Wexner Medical Center offers a variety of volunteer positions to assist with providing information to families and visitors and helping staff with patient care. There are opportunities during the day, evenings, or weekends. This is great for someone who wants consistent volunteering rather than a one-time opportunity.
Website: The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

Fore Hope Therapeutic Golf

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Ohio Health’s Fore Hope program helps individuals with neurological conditions get back to living healthy, productive, social lives through therapeutic golf. You don’t have to be a golf expert to donate your time.
Website: Fore Hope Therapeutic Golf

Crisis Text Line

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This one isn’t just a Columbus opportunity but is super important. Volunteer with the Crisis Text Line to help calm, reassure, and safety plan with people in moments of extreme need.
Website: Crisis Text Line

National Alliance On Mental Illness

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness has a mission to end the stigma around mental illness and provide both education and support. Volunteer to help with fundraising events and advocacy efforts.
Website: National Alliance On Mental Illness

The Unverferth House

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The Unverferth House seeks to provide comfort to families of people receiving heart transplants and other serious procedures at the Wexner Medical Center. Volunteering here means helping with regular house chores like cooking and cleaning and yard upkeep.
Website: The Unverferth House

Open Door Art Studio

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The Open Door Art Studio provides a space for people with disabilities to engage their artistic and creative- sides. Volunteer in the studio to help create masterpieces or to help with general maintenance to keep the facility running.
Website: Open Door Art Studio

VA Ambulatory Care Center

The Columbus VA Ambulatory Care Center has many volunteer opportunities from mail services to primary care assistance. Volunteers are a crucial part of caring for Columbus veterans.
Website: VA Ambulatory Care Center

Suicide Prevention Services

The Suicide Prevention Services run the 24 hour crisis phone line and are always in need of volunteers to help staff the line.
Website: Suicide Prevention Services

Children’s Health

Flying Horse Farms

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Flying Horse Farms is a camp for children with serious illnesses. This is an opportunity for these children to be more than their illness and give them a chance to just be kids. Volunteer your time to help these kids have the most enjoyable week of their lives.
Website: Flying Horse Farms

Ronald McDonald House

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Volunteer’s are a huge part of keeping the Ronald McDonald House up and running. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or just being there for the support they wouldn’t be able to do it without the volunteers. There are also plenty of opportunities outside the house that can be found on their website.
Website: Ronald McDonald House

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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As one of the best hospitals in the nation for children, families come from all over the country to seek expert care for their kids. Help make the patients and families the most comfortable they can be by volunteering at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 
Website: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A Kid Again

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A Kid Again is an organization dedicated to giving children with life-threatening illnesses’ the chance to experience life as just a kid by taking them on adventures. Volunteer to help organize events, visit kids in hospitals, or be a mentor to a new family.
Website: A Kid Again

PBJ Connections

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PBJ Connections provides behavioral health therapy to kids through the care and training of horses. Traditional therapy settings don’t work for every child so this gives a new opportunity for kids to make a difference in their lives. Volunteers help keep the facility the best it can be.
Website: PBJ Connections


Ohio State House

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Remember going to the Ohio State House in elementary school with your class? Well, the tour you went on was probably done by a volunteer! Give back and help others learn about the great state of Ohio!
Website: Ohio State House

Columbus Literacy Council

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The Columbus Literacy Council works with adults to improve reading literacy skills to help individuals further their employment and education opportunities. Volunteer to lead small groups or assist with one-on-one tutoring to help change the lives of local Columbus adults.
Website: Columbus Literacy Council

Columbus Metropolitan Library

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At every Columbus Metropolitan Library location there’s an after school homework help center that’s run mostly by volunteers. It’s a great way to give back to the community if you enjoy working with kids. They also use volunteers for stacking the bookshelves and their “Ready For Kindergarten” program. Due to COVID-19, the library isn’t accepting volunteers, but keep it handy because they’ll be back eventually and they’ll need your help.
Website: Columbus Metropolitan Library

Women and Girls

Dress for Success

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Help give women the tools they need to succeed in the professional workplace. Dress for Success helps get women the workplace attire they need and career development tools they need to ensure they have a successful start to their career.
Website: Dress for Success

Choices Shelter

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Domestic violence is a prominent issue in way too many communities. The Lutheran Social Services Choices shelter provides housing and support for victims of domestic violence and their children. Volunteer to bring meals to the shelter to help support these families while they work to get back on their feet.
Website: Choices Shelter

Girls On The Run

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Help inspire young girls with this 5K program of children and mentors. You never know what kind of impact you can have on a young girl’s mind. Girls On The Run has opportunities for one-on-one support as well as volunteering your time on your local council.
Website: Girls On The Run

Freedom A La Cart

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Freedom A La Cart is dedicated to getting victims of human trafficking back on their feet. Volunteer your time to help in their kitchen or become educated on the issue of human trafficking so that you can educate others.
Website: Freedom A La Cart

YWCA Center for Women

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The YWCA helps provide housing for women and children in immediate need. Volunteer at the center to prepare and serve a meal for the families in need.
Website: YWCA Center for Women


Stonewall Columbus

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Help support the LGBT community by volunteering with Stonewall Columbus to put on events and fundraisers throughout the year and the annual pride festival in the summer.
Website: Stonewall Columbus

The Buckeye Ranch

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Volunteer at the Buckeye Ranch to help supporting struggling youth and families. The Buckeye Ranch has a wide variety of services to help youth be successful at home, at school, and in their communities.
Website: The Buckeye Ranch

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash