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9 Unique Food Dishes You Have To Try In Columbus

Columbus has a great food scene and you definitely don’t get out enough if you try to tell me I’m wrong. When we ask where to go for dinner, my mom always says “let’s try someplace new!” Now it doesn’t always happen… but that’s due to lack of decision-making skills, not a lack of options.

Trying new things is one of the best parts of going out to eat, so I’ve compiled a list of food items that you definitely won’t see on every menu!

Mielone from Hubert’s Polish Kitchen

Mielone looks like a giant fried meatball, but it’s much more than that. The $5 ball of deliciousness has a center with cheddar cheese, surrounded by shredded chicken and sauerkraut, and then a fried crispy outside.

Nutella Pancake Balls from Katalina’s

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Doughy goodness with warm Nutella inside… total heart eyes. These things are amazing and award-winning for a reason. You can choose whatever filling you want, but I’m partial to the Nutella. All pancake balls are served with their delicious sweet’n’spicy bacon.

Raclette cheese from Alpine Restaurant

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Melty cheesy goodness scraped onto your favorite dish. What’s not to love? Alpine Restaurant has two different menu items that feature raclette cheese, but it can also be added to absolutely any menu item!

Falafel & Waffle from The Crest

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Falafel and waffles are not usually something I would put together, but The Crest definitely knows what they’re doing. These two items are amazing on their own but when topped with sweet potato hummus, sour cream, pumpkin seed tahini, pickled apple & jalapeño, and smoked maple syrup, it really becomes a must-try item.

Ethiopian lamb from Lalibela

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I love absolutely everything from Lalibela. This restaurant is fabulous and a great cultural experience. The lamb is always perfectly cooked and seasoned. My family also likes to get the vegetarian combination, with the red lentils being our favorite.

Meatloaf Sandwich from Newfangled Kitchen

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Newfangled Kitchen has taken a classic family meal and put a modern twist on it. They offer five different types of meatloaf sandwiches for $8.50 or less.

Vegan burgers from Eden Burger

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Eden Burger is on a mission to prove that sustainable eating doesn’t have to be difficult. They have a monthly burger special as well as six other vegan burgers on their menu. They serve fast-food style meals and sides that are truly delicious, whether you’re vegan or not. They also use environmentally friendly packaging and cutlery!

Akoori from The Table

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As I’m sure you all know by now, the Navigator team loves brunch. The Table offers a unique Inidan brunch item. Akoori scrambled eggs are cooked with Indian spices, onions, garlic, chilies, tomatoes, and cilantro and served with toast.

Pickeldillies from Watershed Kitchen and Bar

These appetizers are listed as the Chef’s favorite snack and for good reason. These dill pickles are served with cream cheese and country ham. They are the most beautiful pickles I’ve ever seen.

What are you going to try first?