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Two Caterers Is Now Together & Company, And It’s About So Much More Than A Name Change

The business, formerly known as Two Caterers, is undergoing a renaissance.

At the helm of this transition is Angelo Petro, founder and one of Columbus’ most bad-ass female CEO’s. Petro started Two Caterers in 1997, but over the past 22 years, a lot has changed. What once was a two-person catering team has grown into a 150 employee operation that hosts over 3,000 events annually.

With that growth comes tremendous change. That would scare some people. But change is what Angela Petro thrives in. It was that desire to evolve that sparked the businesses’ transition from Two Caterers to Together & Company.

“Our company is more than catering. And that’s part of why we realized that we really need to do some work around our brand. Certainly catering and food are the primary things that we do. But in general, hospitality is what we deliver,” explained Petro. The name isn’t a simple rebrand. It’s the acceptance of the philosophy that togetherness and hospitality are harmonious.

“When you’re when you are engaging and hospitality, what are you doing? You’re, you’re treating company, right? You’re having company over to your home, you’re having company to a business meeting, there’s an element of hospitality in all of that,” said Petro. “So that’s really where the name came from. We do so much more than catering, but we don’t do anything in a vacuum. It’s always together with either our client and other vendors. We do this because we’re helping you achieve goals around hospitality. And you do that with your company.”

This change is just one of an ever-growing timeline of the 22-year-old business. In 2012, they launched the Sweet Carrot Food Truck, which has expanded to three permanent locations around the city. They made their home in High Line Car House in 2014 and they’re expected to open their second venue, The Fives at Goodale next year.

The Fives

As a company, Angela has always pushed to stay relevant. With a business that’s been around as long as the people who are now joining the workforce, it’s not always easy. Catering isn’t exactly known for being the most exciting area to advance your career, right? Not if Together & Company has anything to say about it.

“We really invest in bringing younger people into our company and empowering them to have a voice. Our rebrand was led by a team of women who ranged from24 years old to early 30s. We listen to voices that are in touch with what’s current, and that’s how we’re going to stay fresh and relevant,” she explained. “This rebrand is very much about ‘Who are we? What’s true to who we are? And how do we make sure people continue to understand that who might be beginning to identify us as a stuffy old or brand?”

“Our company vision is to stay fresh, be relevant, and honor roots. And we have to think that way.”

Together & Company from Mariana on Vimeo.

There’s a certain level of pride that Angela wants her employees to feel about working for Together & Company. It’s not just about getting more clients or driving the bottom line. It’s about empowering people within the organization to challenge themselves.

“We want to attract the best and the brightest to want to work for us. At this organization, you’re going to be developed. And you’re going to be stretched. And you’re also going to have a voice,” said Petro. “The older you get, the more you understand like you really have to have a lot of diverse voices at the table if you want to continue to be relevant. And I want us very much to be a company that attracts the best and the brightest to want to be on the cutting edge in the hospitality industry in Columbus.”

Angela operates under the belief that when more women and minorities are supported and lifted up in the hospitality community in Columbus, it will benefit everyone.

“I believe that we have to see creativity, we have to see people pushing trends. And again, it’s not just young people, it’s women, it’s a different perspective,” said Petro. “There has to be a diversity of perspective in this town. Minority voices and women voices in the hospitality seen are sorely needed.”

Together & Company may have launched their name today, but they’ve been promoting incredible values as a company for decades. Here’s hoping they have many more ahead of them. If you’re interested in applying for a job at Together & Company, you can reach out to them here.