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The Carolina Hemp Company In Clintonville Wants To Educate The Local Community And Do A Little Good While They’re At It

? This post is sponsored by Carolina Hemp Company. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. ??

Shaun Fitzpatrick is on a mission to share the benefits of hemp with Columbus.

Carolina Hemp, the franchised store Fitzpatrick owns and operates, prides itself on being an education focused hemp store, taking time to teach every person who comes through their doors about the benefits provided by using hemp and CBD products. From the benefits of CBD oil for senior citizens to explainers on how to use CBD products to help your dog, Carolina Hemp has a variety of resources, both online and in person for those looking to take a dip in the hemp pool.

“If you’re completely new to it, or you have some experience, I can walk you through that process,” explained Fitzpatrick. “I’ve got the education center back here where we play videos and have charts and stuff. Everybody’s comfort level is going to be a little bit different with the product, you have some people that have no idea what they want.”

The education area at Carolina Hemp.

When it came to finding the perfect spot for the shop, which opened in 2020, Fitzpatrick didn’t have any one place in mind. Although his roots were in Westerville, he looked everywhere from Franklinton to the suburbs.

As it turns out, the educational component of the business isn’t just for customers. Fitzpatrick struggled to find a location for the shop initially, because people heard “hemp store” and would be scared off due to preconceived notions about the product.

After searching, he found a charming spot in Clintonville, near the Graceland Shopping center. The building is cozy and it has a decent sized parking lot where Fitzpatrick hopes to host events with live music post-pandemic.

There’s a relaxing atmosphere when you first walk through the doors at Carolina Hemp, and although I couldn’t see it because of his mask, I’m fairly certain Fitzpatrick greeted me with a smile.

His passion for hemp-based products is just as clear as his desire to truly help people. That desire to do good is also evident when you look at how Carolina Hemp is partnering with the local community.

Hemp For Hunger is an initiative from the Carolina Hemp Company to help fight food insecurity and more for local households. Carolina Hemp is accepting donations of essential household items, canned goods, winter clothing, and personal care products. All of the donations from the event will go to The Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center, a community-based social services agency.

Hemp For Hunger will run through March 15. Fitzpatrick says the store hopes to run the even four times throughout the year with in-person events happening as soon as it’s safe to do so.

“At some point we’ll be able to do an actual event around it with a food drive and have something going on outside,” explained Fitzpatrick.

Carolina Hemp Company is located at 5212 N. High Street. They’re open Tuesday-Saturday from 12-7 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. which means you can stop in to check out the store or to donate your items for the drive any day of the week except Monday. For more info about their products, you can visit their website here.