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These Whimsical Giant Snails Have Invaded The Dublin Arts Council

This spring, the front lawn of the Dublin Arts Council has transformed into an enchanting spectacle that’s sure to turn heads and spark imaginations.

If you find yourself driving along Riverside Drive, you can’t miss the three giant, vibrant orange snails that have recently taken up residence there. These aren’t just any snails; they are part of a fascinating art installation titled “Dwelling: A Snail’s Journey,” which hails all the way from Milan, Italy.

Crafted by the innovative group of six artists known as Cracking Art, these snail sculptures are not just art pieces; they are conversation starters, inviting us to ponder our connections with the world around us. From May 11 through June 28, the Dublin Arts Council is hosting this unique exhibit, and everyone’s invited to explore its deeper meanings and delightful visuals.

The journey of these snails to Dublin is as intriguing as the artworks themselves.

giant snail art dublin ohio
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Created in Milan, the snails are designed to encourage dialogue about human connections, and our interactions with both natural and artificial environments.

The vivid orange color of the snails isn’t just chosen at random. In Italy, the snail—or “Chiocciola” as it is called, which also denotes the “@” symbol—is a creature symbolic of communication and gradual progress, reflecting both patience and persistence.

Why snails, you might ask?

giant snail art dublin ohio
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The choice is deliberate and meaningful. Snails move slowly and with intention, mirroring our own journey through life, which requires us to be both deliberate and reflective. The helix shape of the snail’s shell, significant in many cultures, represents listening and continuous upward movement, symbolizing growth and evolution.

The snails’ bright orange hue also holds special significance. Orange is a color often associated with creativity, vitality, and the beauty of changing seasons—emphasizing transition and transformation. This makes the snails not just visually striking but also rich in symbolic meaning.

Visitors to the Dublin Arts Council will not only get to see these marvelous sculptures but also participate in an array of activities planned around the exhibition. From creative prompts and sensory activities to contemplative practices, the gallery aims to engage visitors on multiple levels, inspired by the very nature of snails.

When To See Them For Yourself

giant snail art dublin ohio
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The opening reception on May 11, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., promises to be a vibrant event, kicking off the snails’ short but impactful stay. And though the Dublin Arts Council is the initial stop for these snails, plans are in place for them to travel to additional community sites—each move adding layers to their story and journey.

So, if you’re intrigued by the intersection of art, nature, and community engagement, don’t miss “Dwelling: A Snail’s Journey.” For more info, head over to