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The Tall Pines Area At Walnut Woods Is One Of The Best Kept Secrets In Columbus

All of the Columbus Metro Parks are amazing, but the Tall Pines area at Walnut Woods is on another level.

Walnut Woods is “1,098 acres of woodlands and fields” located in Groveport. It has a cute dog park, a clean and new playground, and restored wetlands, but we’re here today to talk about the awe-inspiring stands of pine and sweetgum trees.

Sweetgum trees may not be native to northern and central Ohio but they have long been used as great shade tree options here. They also happen to offer some of the most beautiful fall colors once the leaves start changing, which only adds to the magic at Walnut Woods.

Of course, the real show-stopper at the park is the pine trees that tower over a semi-paved path. But I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about the park. Let’s actually take a look at it.

When you arrive, this sign will greet you:
Walnut Woods sign

Much of the park looks like your normal, lovely Ohio outdoor area.

You’ll see wild flowers:
Walnut Woods wildflowers

Stands of nursery trees:
Walnut Woods row of trees

Walnut Woods eagle

Pretty Ohio landscapes:
Walnut Woods field

Walnut Woods pond

And stunning sights:
Stunning Walnut Woods tree

But then the landscape starts to change:
Walnut Woods trail

Walnut Woods path

The woods begin to close in:
Walnut Woods tall pines entrance

And you find yourself in Tall Pines:
Walnut Woods pine trees

Walnut Woods tall pines

Fallen pine needles make piles as thick as you’ve ever seen:
Walnut Woods pine needles

You can barely make out the sky, because the towering trees are all encompassing:
Walnut Woods pine trees

Wooded area in Walnut Woods

You’ve transported yourself to another world, one that feels nothing like central Ohio:
Walnut Woods Tall Pines

Walnut Woods is located at 6716 Lithopolis Road Groveport, OH 43125. To learn more about the park, please visit