A Controversial Clintonville Mural Is Being Repainted… Again

What happens when you take a tree mural in Clintonville and cover it up with graffiti style street art?

Apparently, outrage.

After months of people complaining about the graffiti art at the corner of Hudson and Indianola, it has been announced that the mural will be repainted. Although some residents are pleased to see it go, others, including the artists who created it, are less than thrilled.

Justin Withrow of Lookout Supply, the art store that furnished the mural, shared his complaints on Instagram.

RIP… Im going to get so many more walls around this area just because a few fuck bags in the area were persistent enough to harass people and business owners so much that we had to paint over our first wall we did over in the #sohud area!!! TONS of good people in the neighborhood loved it, but a handful of the ones that think that they have to have their hands in everything but don’t put up no cash for it are ruining it for everyone.. So we will do it the Professional way and we will be pushing way harder for more walls around Columbus, Take it in our own hands like we always have and make Columbus a new hip Creative place to the ones that really matter……. ( YOU )THE PUBLIC! #lookout614 #lookoutshop #lookoutsupply #lookoutartsupply #artsupplies #apparel #gear #streetwear #fashion #seasonal #attire #graffiti #culture #graff #streetart #columbus #ohio #midwest #ALWAYSLOOKINOUT #local #business #lookoutgear #neighborhoodwatch #loveoverkilling #tags #handstyle #kobrapaint

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The mural could be found on the exterior wall belonging to Baba’s, a cafe known for its rebellious spirit. They handled the change with tact and grace, after facing months of criticism and complaints from locals.

“We deeply appreciate all of the support for the wall. We see all of your concerns and you are heard. Let’s not forget the nature of this wall was to always be changing. Bringing new pieces and new work is exciting,” they said on Instagram.

“We can’t wait to see what Justin throws up next. Yes, there were thorns in our sides from the unhappy mob. But the wall still belongs to art. And in order to make sure we do not lose that privilege we must work together to balance artist vision with community expectations.”

Columbus is full of street art. They range from peaceful to political. In times like these, it’s always important to remember that art is supposed to be subjective, not objective.

According to Lookout Supply, the mural will be repainted by them. However, it will not be another tree mural.

Here’s hoping the next mural makes an impression on the community that they are willing to live with. Just not happy trees.


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