We’ve Got The Deetz On Sheetz

Sheetz fans, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve finally got the deetz on Sheetz’s new central Ohio location!

Sorry, Columbus folks: the iconic late-night convenience store won’t actually be in Columbus at all.

Rather, central Ohio’s first-ever Sheetz will make its home in a small village just south of east Columbus called Obetz, which also happens to be the home of the Columbus Crew’s practice facility.

The new Sheetz will be located on five acres of land at the corner of Bixby Road and Alum Creek Drive, according to Stacey Boumis, community services director for the village of Obetz.

Location of central Ohio's first-ever Sheetz.
Sheetz will make its central-Ohio home on the corner of Bixby Road and Alum Creek Drive in Obetz’s e-commerce park just outside of Columbus.

I’ve only had Sheetz once or twice on my way to Washington D.C., but I’m looking forward to seeing what all the hype is truly about in a couple of years!

It’s too early in the process to have all the design details formalized, Boumis said, but for now Sheetz plans on constructing their standard model with roughly 7,000 square feet of building space.

“They might have some different intentions in there. We probably won’t know that until they get further in the design. Really what they’ve kind of figured out now is what’s the footprint of the building,” she said.

Renderings provided by Stacy Boumis, Community Services Director for the Village of Obetz.

The opening date of the new central Ohio Sheetz is still set for some time in 2021.

Obetz has been working on annexing about 45 acres of land — including the five acres Sheetz is set to be located on — into the village for the past four years. The preliminary development plans have already been approved by Franklin County officials, Boumis said.

It’s not officially annexed by Obetz just yet, but Obetz council members said the vote is likely to pass during one of their February council meetings.

What’s interesting is Sheetz representatives actually reached out to Obetz officials asking to build Sheetz in the soon-to-be-annexed development.

Renderings provided by Stacy Boumis, Community Services Director for the Village of Obetz.

“They wanted to be here, and we didn’t say no,” Rod Davisson, Obetz’s village administrator, told me in an interview. “I think they hit a home run with their spot. A ton of travelers go through there that are the types of customers that they look for. They’re obviously serving the traveling public.”

And, just like Sheetz’s dedicated, loyal fans, Obetz officials are looking forward to the store’s opening, too.

“We were excited because we know there’s a desperate need for that service in the area,” Davisson said. “And of course, how can you not be aware of their great reputation and their fan base?”

Renderings provided by Stacy Boumis, Community Services Director for the Village of Obetz

The entire 45-acre development (including Sheetz) is mostly focused on providing services and amenities to employees who work in Obetz’s e-commerce district, which includes companies like Amazon and Zulily, Davisson explained.

About 100,000 people work in the region surrounding the upcoming location, which is one major reason Davisson thinks the legendary fast-food and convenience store chain chose Obetz as its central Ohio location.

“Folks are really excited about them. The residents are excited. Honestly, out of all the things I’ve done [in Obetz], this one is really probably in the top ten of excitement I’ve seen in the last 20 years,” Davisson said. “Folks are stoked.”

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