Lazarus’ Santaland Was The Most Magical Christmas Destination In Columbus

When it comes to the holiday season in Columbus, there are few places as iconic as Lazarus.

For decades, the downtown department store was the place to be around Christmas time. With their storefront windows decorated with holiday scenes and visits to Santaland, if you’re over a certain age and you grew up here, there is a high likelihood that you experienced Christmastime at Lazarus at least once.

Lazarus closed in 2004, but in its heyday, it was really a one-stop shop. You could grab lunch in the restaurant, visit the library, hear the Lazarus choir sing, and even buy musical instruments.

The part most people remember about Lazarus at Christmas is probably Santaland. Not only could you visit the old, jolly, fellow himself, but you also had to swing by for a quick visit with the Talking Tree.

Lazarus also used to sponsor a Christmas parade through the streets of downtown Columbus.

Over 15 years after Santa’s last appearance at the department store, nothing has really managed to capture the magic of Santaland at Lazarus here in Columbus.

Luckily, we’ve always got great memories, and the magic of the internet, to help remind us just how magical that place was.

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