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Retro Radio: WLVQ 96.3 QFM96

96.3 FM may not have always played rock music, but on February 14th, 1977, everything changed. At noon, they announced, “At this time WTVN-FM ceases to exist. We are now WLVQ-FM, to be known as Q-FM-96. We’ll be playing Ohio’s best rock. We know all you other radio stations are out there listening so watch out, there’s a new kid in town!” After announcing their arrival, Qfm96 followed it up with the very apropos Eagles hit, “New Kid In Town” from their Hotel California album.

Though their first day was a bit chaotic, Qfm96 grew into a Columbus institution. The station has heard several DJ’s through the years, including Bill Dancer and Scott Kahler, but none more memorable than retired Mark “Daddy Wags” Wagner. Take a trip back through the best of Columbus rock with these retro mementos from Qfm96!

A retro Qfm96 Magazine Advertisement. Image via the Q-Seum on the QFM96 Website.
Wags & Elliott ran for mayor in the early 90s, but lost to Mayor and former OSU Football player, Greg Lashutka. Image via the Q-Seum on the QFM96 Website.

This year QFM96 celebrated its 40th birthday! Happy  40th Birthday, WLVQ!