Otherworld Is An Experience Unlike Anything Columbus Has Ever Seen Before

The anticipation is nearly over.

Before we know it, the doors to Otherworld will finally be open to the public. The 32,000 square foot art installation has been years in the making, but in a few weeks, the build-out will be complete and the first visitors will walk through the halls of Otherworld Industries, “a pioneering tech company specializing in alternate realm tourism.”

The premise of the Otherworld experience is that you’ll be a beta tester for the company, but of course, something’s not right. Otherworld is sort of what would happen if you combine a theme park with an escape room and Burning Man.

In each room, you’ll encounter different stories. From the furry monsters hiding under the bed in the Kid’s Room to a bioluminescent forest, the experience is completely interactive.

Otherworld is the product of collaboration between over 40 artists. There are 47 rooms, 54 projectors, and 190,000 LED lights.

Although it was still under construction, you can already see the narrative coming together. Our behind the scenes tour was lead by Otherworld Art Director and CCAD grad, Scott Schaaf. As we made our way through what can only be described as an artistic maze, Schaaf was excited to share the progress the build-out has undergone since our first visit.

“The floor is clean, and by clean, I mean, you can see it,” he said with a laugh. Although there is definitely still work to be done, you can tell things are nearing completion. The narrative of the experience is totally evident now and interactive components are already up and running.

In one room, Schaaf explained that users will be able to play a game of sorts. Illuminated blocks on the ceiling flash and visitors aim a device at the flashing block to create a cascade of lights all around them.

Puzzles, secret tunnels, and optical illusions abound at Otherworld, and it’s easy to imagine how you could spend hours exploring the place.

The tentative open date for the experience is April 16th, but Schaaf assured us it would be no later than early May. Once they are officially open, their hours will be Wednesday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Once summer hits, they’ll be open on Monday as well.

Pre-sale tickets are already going quickly, probably because $16 seems like an outrageously good deal for the experience you’re getting, and people know it. Otherworld will be child-friendly, but if your kids are under 16, they’ll need to have an adult with them.

When you pull up to Otherworld, you’ll probably feel like you’re already in another world. It’s housed in a former Sports Authority in an abandoned strip mall off Brice Road. I know this sounds crazy, but it 100% adds to the experience.

It’s also a great reminder that whatever you’re expecting to find at Otherworld, you won’t know for sure until you step through the front door.

If you know that this is something you want to check out, don’t hesitate to snag your pre-sale tickets. This is going to be a game changer for Columbus.

Want to take a sneak peek of what it’s like to walk through Otherworld? We’ve got you covered.

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