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This Adorable Pup Spends His Days Cheering Up Hospital Staff, And Now He’s Internet Famous For It

Columbus has a lot of celebrities that I get pretty excited about.

But let’s be real: not a single one of them is as adorable as Shiloh, a comfort dog at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center who has recently taken the internet by storm.

Shiloh had a meteoric rise to fame, after an MD at the hospital shared an image of him on social media.

Shiloh is a part of the Buckeye Paws Program at the hospital. The program offers comfort to hospital staff after high-stress situations. As healthcare workers continue to put their lives on the line in the fight with COVID-19, I can’t help but think that Shiloh and the other furry friends in the Buckeye Paws Program are doing some incredible work.

Buckeye Paws, is a therapy dog program for the faculty, staff and students, within the medical center’s Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program. The dogs of Buckeye Paws are certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), and the program follows ATD’s guidelines.

Shiloh is joined in his volunteer work by yellow Labrador Retriever Brienne, German Shepherd Ellie, and Radar, another Labrador Retriever.

The Buckeye Paws Program launched in March when front-line health care workers were feeling the initial mental, physical, and emotional strain of the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about the program, you can visit their website here.