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CD 102.5 Relaunches As CD 92.9 FM

They’ve got a different number for every generation.

Whether you know them as CD 101, CD 102.5, or now, CD 92.9, you know that they’re an iconic part of this city’s soundscape. When the station announced a few weeks ago that they’d be moving to a digital-only format, fans were heartbroken.

But the heartbreak didn’t last too long. Randy Malloy, the long-time owner of the independent radio station, announced over the weekend that the station is already back on the air-waves at 92.9 FM. In early 2021, the station will also begin broadcasting in Delaware.

“We continued to broadcast digitally online, so we never went away. However, we are ecstatic to get back to the business of independent radio where we belong on the FM – and now AM – dial,” said Malloy. “Big corporate radio is slashing staff by the thousands across the United States, and we are proud to continue to offer live, independently operated radio and continue our commitment to local businesses, local artists, and the entire Columbus community—and soon the Delaware, Ohio community. We are one of the last bastions of independent radio in the United States – and we relish that role.”

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The 92.9 frequency has two antennas — one in downtown Columbus on the Huntington building and one in Delaware. The Columbus call letters will be changed to WWCD, and the call letters for Delaware will be announced once it begins brodcasting.

To view the full statement shared on social media, keep scrolling.

Central Ohio’s favorite radio stations, CD101.1 and CD102.5, are now at 92.9 FM! Same team; same music; same things you loved about CD101 and 102.5, but on a new signal. CD 92.9 FM on-air in Columbus, and soon, Delaware as well!

As CD102.5 was leaving the FM airwaves, our social media platforms lit up. We reached nearly 1,000,000 people across our social media platforms, and we read as many comments as possible so that we could learn what you truly want. We learned how much you missed having us on the FM dial, and we knew we had to find a way to come back. Luckily, we did!

We couldn’t wait to get back on-air, which comes with some notes we want you to be aware of. Our Columbus signal – now coming from the top of the Huntington building downtown – is currently operating at reduced capacity as some construction finishes up. We’ll be putting out a much stronger signal in the days ahead! But we’re not stopping there – at the beginning of 2021, our signal will also broadcast at 92.9 FM in Delaware as well! Two signals, two cities, same frequency; bigger, and better than ever.

We’re looking forward to your continued support! You can find us on social media @cd929fm, and if you like, you can buy one of our new CD 92.9 FM shirts to show your pride! If you use a product or service that you heard on the air, please thank our advertisers for supporting us. If you own a business or are the decision-maker for a business, talk to us about advertising on our radio station. Of course, the easiest thing is to keep on listening.

Thank you from all of us, from the deepest depth of our hearts. We are truly humbled by your support, and we can’t thank you enough for all your words of encouragement. We will work as hard as ever, and then harder, to continue to be that trusted voice on the FM dial as Central Ohio’s ORIGINAL alternative station. We couldn’t be happier that we’re back on the FM dial—all thanks to your support.

Thank you for continuing to rock local,
Randy Malloy and the entire team at the new CD 92.9 FM

***Find more information at our new home,