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This 1999 COSI Video Shows Off All The Old Exhibits, Including The Coal Mine, The Time Tunnel, And The Presidents

COSI is one of those magical, unique places that most people have a fond memory or two of from their childhood.

COSI was my absolute favorite destination as a kid. I’m fortunate enough to have experienced visiting the original COSI during my youth, and it holds a very special place in my heart. From traveling through the ages in the Time Tunnel to making my own hand-dipped candles in Yesteryear to conquering my fears and taking a ride on the High Wire cycle, a trip to COSI was the highlight of any week.

COSI first opened to the public on March 29,1964. That first day they welcomed more than 5,000 guests. Admission was $.50 for adults and $.25 for kids and worth every penny. After 35 years in Memorial Hall, COSI moved to 333 West Broad St. (current location) on November 6, 1999.

This video, shot in 1999 before the big move, showcases the COSI of my childhood beautifully. The videographer and his wife were on a cross-country trip and stopped in to visit COSI, as well as a quick visit to the original Wendy’s across the street.

This is a full tour of COSI at the time, kicking things off in the lobby with the giant pendulum and hitting all the highlights throughout the museum. Are you ready? Here it comes.