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Wagnalls Memorial Library Is A Whimsical, Book-Lovers Paradise

Nestled in the charming village of Lithopolis, the Wagnalls Memorial Library stands as a timeless testament to the power of education and community. With a rich history dating back over a century, this iconic landmark continues to inspire and serve as a beacon of knowledge for generations of visitors.

History of Wagnalls Memorial Library

Established in 1925, Wagnalls Memorial Library was the brainchild of Mabel Wagnalls Jones, the daughter of Adam Wagnalls, co-founder of the Funk & Wagnalls Publishing Company. In honor of her parents, she envisioned a grand library that would provide a vast repository of literature and resources to enrich the lives of the local community. Today, the library remains a symbol of her vision and philanthropic efforts.

A Glimpse Inside

Upon entering Wagnalls Memorial Library, you’ll be greeted by its impressive neoclassical architecture, featuring majestic columns and a stately façade. The library’s interior boasts a blend of traditional and modern elements, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Interesting Things to See

The Reading Room: Step into the Reading Room, a tranquil space adorned with beautifully crafted bookshelves and cozy reading nooks. It’s the perfect spot to lose yourself in a favorite book or delve into new literary adventures.

The Reading Room at the Wagnalls Memorial Library.

Art and Cultural Events: Wagnalls Memorial Library regularly hosts art exhibitions, cultural events, and workshops, fostering a creative and vibrant environment that engages and connects the community.

The Wagnalls Gardens: Don’t miss the beautiful gardens that surround the library. Established in May 2016, the whimsical gardens feature small fairy houses, impressive stone birdhouses, and several areas for the kids to play.

The Wagnalls Gardens.

Places to Check Out Nearby

After exploring Wagnalls Memorial Library, venture out to discover more of Lithopolis’s hidden gems and the surrounding area:

Lithopolis Honeyfest: If you’re lucky enough to visit in early September, the annual Lithopolis Honeyfest is a must-attend event. Celebrating all things honey, this festival offers live music, artisanal vendors, beekeeping demonstrations, and sweet treats galore.

Slate Run Living Historical Farm: Only a short drive away, this living history farm provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience rural life in the 1880s. Interact with costumed interpreters, explore historic buildings, and witness traditional farming practices.

Canal Winchester Historic District: Just a few miles from Lithopolis, this charming historic district boasts beautifully preserved buildings, quaint shops, and delightful eateries. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets and soak in the small-town charm. Don’t forget to stop by the amazing Covered Bridge on your way into town.

The Children’s Library at Wagnalls.

Preserving a Legacy

Wagnalls Memorial Library has not only evolved as a center for learning and community engagement but also as a custodian of the village’s heritage. Through generations of dedicated staff and volunteers, the library continues to uphold its original mission and remains a beloved resource for all.

With its rich history, captivating architecture, and diverse offerings, a visit to this iconic landmark is an enriching experience for all. So, whether you’re a bookworm, a history buff, or an explorer of the arts, make sure to include Wagnalls Memorial Library in your itinerary and immerse yourself in the treasures it holds.

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located at 150 E. Columbus St, Lithopolis, Ohio 43136. To start planning your visit, head over to