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The Results Of The Ohio Name-A-Snowplow Contest Are In And They Are Spectacular

If you had told me five years ago that I’d be patiently awaiting a decision about snow plows from the Ohio Turnpike Commission, I’d have told you to get out of here.

But times change and alas, here we are. I was honestly having a pretty crappy Monday until this joyous news rolled in. It wasn’t a catastrophic day or anything, it just didn’t have that usual “fresh new week” sparkle that other Mondays have. Until the Ohio Turnpike Commission came in and saved the day, that is.

Every year, they host a Name-A-Snowplow competition that’s open to the public. The competition had a few rules and guidelines that contestants had to follow.

• Entrants had to be at least 18 years old.
• Entries were accepted in the order received and duplicated names/entries were excluded.
• Winning names from the previous year’s contest are not accepted.
• Members and staff of the Commission and their families were not eligible to enter nor were employees of the State of Ohio.
• No profanity or inappropriate language.
• The Ohio Turnpike reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason.

One of 2021’s winning names, Snowbi-Wan Kenobi via Facebook

Sounds simple enough, right? Once entrants came up with the perfect name and submitted it, all they had to do was wait for the public voting period to conclude. There were 8 winners who submitted some truly fantastic names this year and each received a $100 Visa gift card for participating and winning.

Now we’ve had some fairly epic snowplow names in the past. 2022 brought us true icons like The Blizzard of Oz, The Big LePLOWski, Plow Chicka Plow Wow, and You’re Killing Me Squalls.

This year’s winners were full of clever puns and since I’m sure you’re sick of me hyping it up, we’re going to dive right in. Drum roll, please!

The 2023 Name-A-Snowplow Contest Winners are:

  • We’re Off To See The Blizzard
  • Fast and Flurrious
  • Who Let The Plows Out
  • Scoop! There It Is
  • Don’t Flurry Be Happy
  • I’ve Got Friends In Snow Places
  • Blades of Flurry
  • Hang On Scoopy

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you for bringing us all the lasting joy this winter of knowing that somewhere, out there on Ohio’s snowy roads, there’s a snowplow named Don’t Flurry Be Happy doing the absolute most.