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A New Vision For The Future Of The Ohio Expo Center And Ohio State Fairgrounds Has Been Unveiled

The Ohio Expositions Commission shared a master plan framework that will be the beginning of a new era for the Ohio Expo Center and Ohio State Fair.

The Expo 2050 Task Force was created by Governor DeWine in 2019 to develop a modernized vision of the Ohio Expo Center property. In addition to providing a space for the Ohio State Fair, the 360-acre complex also hosts a variety of huge events throughout the year, including the All-American Quarter Horse Congress.

“The renderings you’re seeing today represent the initial vision for the future of the Ohio Expo Center and Ohio State Fair, which will remain here in the heart of Columbus, it’s home since 1886,” said Governor DeWine. “The Ohio State Fair is something to be proud of, and we want to make the guest experience one that is comparable to – if not better than – other best-in-class attractions.”

Rendering by Wellogy.

The new plan includes the renovation, modernization, or demolition of several buildings, the addition of new facilities, and improved access between the Ohio History Connection and the Ohio Expo Center. One of the highlights of the plan also includes the development of a new town square and entertainment area.

Rendering by Wellogy.

There isn’t a specific timeline or estimated cost for this plan, but it’s expected that the development would take place over several years. The framework proposed will essentially be used to help the Ohio Expositions Commission to secure long-term funding for future developments.

Rendering by Wellogy.

“The Ohio Expo Center and Ohio State Fair mean so much to our city, our state, and the agricultural community,” said Ohio Expo Center & State Fair General Manager Virgil Strickler. “Building on our facility’s unique history here in Columbus with improvements that will accommodate all Ohioans will lead us, our event holders, and everyone who knows and loves the Ohio State Fair, toward a bright future.”

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