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The Northern Lights Will Put On A Show This Week. Will We Be Able To See Them In Ohio?

The Northern Lights will be visible across 17 states this Thursday, offering a spectacular display.

A geomagnetic storm will potentially allow the aurora to be visible throughout the northern United States and Canada.

According to the latest report, the forecast for the Northern Lights is particularly promising, with heightened activity expected. Astronomers and photographers alike are eagerly preparing their gear and keeping a watchful eye on the weather conditions to make the most of this remarkable celestial event.

On Wednesday, July 12, the storm will be highly visible not overhead, but low on the horizon from many major cities, including Seattle, Des Moines, Chicago, and Cleveland.

While some cities will be lucky enough to have the Northern Lights overhead, our best chance at viewing the phenomenon will be looking north on the horizon on Thursday night.

If it feels like auroras have become more frequent lately, that’s because we’re currently at the peak of the Solar cycle, which means conditions have been optimal for the phenomenon to occur.

via UAF Geophysical Institute

Never seen it before? Here’s what to look for. Auroras typically appear as rippling curtains of green, red or purple light. You don’t need any special equipment to see auroras, but we’ve got a few recommendations to help you have the best experience.

  • Ideal viewing times are between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.
  • Pick a spot where there is little light pollution.
  • Get to a higher elevation if possible.
  • Check the forecast for signs of clouds or precipitation, which could block your view.
  • Scan the skies, but in our case, keep your eyes on the horizon.
  • As long as the weather remains clear, viewing conditions will be perfect if the aurora does in fact reach far enough south. In order to view the spectacle, you’ll need to look north on the horizon and hope for a cloudless Ohio sky Wednesday and Thursday evening.

    Featured photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash