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The Capital Line Is An Expansive New Path for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Get ready to lace up your sneakers and dust off your bicycles because Columbus is rolling out something pretty fantastic that’s sure to revitalize your urban exploration game.

Introducing the Capital Line: an urban oasis snaking through the heart of Columbus, designed exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. Think of it as your VIP pass to the city’s most buzz-worthy spots, all without the hassle of traffic.

Crafted from the dreams and suggestions of the community and spotlighted in the 2022 Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan, the Capital Line is not just any pathway.

Map courtesy of CDDC

This two-mile journey is your direct connection to the vibrant soul of Columbus, stretching from the bustling Gay Street District, gliding over the iconic Broad Street Bridge to The Peninsula, cruising to Belle Street, across the Rich Street Bridge, and meandering along Fourth Street, before coming full circle back to Gay Street.

This route isn’t just a line on a map; it’s a treasure trail dotted with Columbus’ crown jewels. A ride on the Capline will have you passing by the gravity-defying Current sculpture, soaking up the serenity at the Scioto Mile riverfront, paying homage at the National Veterans Memorial & Museum, picnicking at Columbus Commons, marveling at the Ohio Statehouse, exploring The Peninsula, relaxing at Dorrian Green, or getting smart at COSI.

Rendering courtesy of CDDC

And with more attractions on the horizon like Preston Centre and The Continental Centre, your adventure checklist is about to get longer.

Now, imagine strolling (or rolling) through this urban paradise under the gentle glow of streetlights, surrounded by eye-catching public art, cozy street furniture, and lush landscaping. Yes, friends, the Capital Line is set to transform your pedestrian experience from mundane to magical.

Rendering courtesy of CDDC

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther couldn’t be prouder, heralding the Capital Line as a triumph of public-private partnership and a direct response to the community’s voice.

“As so many Columbus success stories are, this is a project made possible by public-private partnership,” said Columbus Mayor Ginther. “I’m especially proud of how this is being done in direct response to resident feedback. The Capital Line will enhance equity and community pride, providing a safe way to walk or bike through our Downtown and an easily accessible connection to transit.”

The magic begins on Gay Street, Downtown’s residential heart, with designs unfurling over the next year and shovels hitting the ground in 2025. As the city selects a dream team of designers this spring, community input will be the guiding star, ensuring the Capital Line reflects the spirit and needs of Columbusites.

Rendering courtesy of CDDC

Jeff Edwards, CEO of Edwards Companies, is buzzing with excitement. For him, the Capital Line is more than a pathway; it’s a catalyst for connection.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our city – I say that not only as a developer, but as a Downtown resident,” said Edwards. “Connecting the energy of Gay Street to other Downtown areas will elevate not only Columbus’ existing assets, but it will spur the development of new ones on the pathway in between, including a curated set of art and experiences that identify and celebrate Columbus’ history. The Capital Line will be a destination in and of itself.”

Rendering courtesy of CDDC

Drawing inspiration from the success stories of similar projects like the Indianapolis Cultural Trail—which, by the way, generated an economic impact of a cool $1 billion—the Capital Line is poised to be a game-changer for Columbus.

Amy Taylor, President of the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC), sums it up perfectly: “This is the kind of project that is befitting of a great city in a growing region. It embodies our ambition to ensure Downtown is for all.”

Rendering courtesy of CDDC

Stay tuned, because downtown Columbus is about to get even more walkable, bikeable, and loveable. See you on the path!