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NAICCO Is Serving Up Native American Street Food To Columbus

This city is no stranger to unique cuisine.

We have so many fantastic places to grab whatever kind of grub you are craving, and now we can add delicious Native American food to the list. NAICCO Cuisine is a Native American owned and operated food trailer that offers a fantastic menu of Native American street food.

The Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio (NAICCO) has been a voice for the Native American community here for years. NAICCO Cuisine is just one avenue that the center is pursuing to not only help employ and create opportunity for community members, but to promote Native American cuisine to the area.

As I was waiting in line to try my first bite of fry bread from NAICCO, the man in front of me asked a simple question that seemed to be on the mind of several customers milling around the truck: What is Native American street food?

Ty Smith, the project director for NAICCO Cuisine was all too happy to answer. As Mr. Smith explains it, the menu at the food truck was was chosen to represent comfort foods.

“It’s just kind of like household favorites, you know,” he explained. “They’re just savory items that you would find generally across the board in what is better referred to as Indian country.”

Ty Smith (far right) and his team from NAICCO Cuisine.

The menu includes fry bread, buffalo burgers, Native American inspired tacos, and more. In addition to the food you can grab when you spot the food truck out and about around the city, NAICCO also offers regular platter programs. So far, they’ve offered a variety of inter-tribal platters that sell out quickly… I’m talking a “matter of hours” quickly.

You can find the NAICCO Cuisine food trailer at various locations throughout the city, including events, festivals, and farmers markets. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio and the work they are doing, you can visit their website at