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#Instafamous: 8 Of The Most Used Instagram Hashtags In Columbus Plus Tips To Get The Perfect Shot

Over the past ten years, photography has integrated itself into our society and culture in an unprecedented way.

With quality cameras built right into our smartphones, it is only natural that people are documenting their lives now more frequently than ever before. Social media has its faults. But with apps like Instagram, we get the chance to get a glimpse of Columbus and the world around us that we may not see otherwise.

Millions of photos are shared on Instagram every day and we decided to take a look at the ones uploaded right here in Columbus. If you want to explore the city through someone else’s eyes, here are 8 hashtags to check out on Instagram. I’ve also included some helpful tips for snagging your own, perfect photo.

So keep reading. Unless you’re all like…



Number of Posts: 198,031
What gets grammed: This tag can sort of be a catch-all, but the most likes usually go to happy couples and families, and I’m not mad about it. What can I say, I love love.
Pro Instatip: Grab your sweetheart and head out at sunset. Hit up a metro park or stroll through downtown. The selfie will practically snap itself.


Number of Posts: 124,359
What gets grammed: Animals, duh.
Pro Instatip: The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is an amazing place to take pictures. The models are adorable, even if they can be a little uncooperative sometimes. Vibrant images get tons of likes on this hashtag, so head into the zoo and find the brightest animals you can.


Number of Posts: 82,031
What gets grammed: Columbus loves food, and we’re pretty darn good at making it too. This tag is full of food porn, so don’t click if you’re hungry. You’ve been warned.
Pro Instatip: Food photography is a whole world of its own. But the easiest tip for a successful food photo is to switch your phone to portrait mode. The shallow depth of field will put the focus on your food, giving you a clean and yummy shot.


Number of Posts: 500,201
What gets grammed: #buckeyes is all Ohio State, all the time. The tag shows off everything from student life to sports fans, so don’t be shy when posting in here.
Pro Instatip: I’m a sucker for a beautiful shot of campus, and you should be too. The area is filled with hidden spots for gorgeous photos, as well as well-trodden ones like the Oval, The Shoe, and Mirror Lake. The tip for this one is simple: go to campus, find something interesting, and take some photos.


Number of Posts: 273,307
What gets grammed: This hashtag is true to its name. It’s all about showing off the things that make living in Columbus amazing. If that’s a nice cocktail with friends or an epic shot of the sunset, just get out there and show us what you love.
Pro Instatip: Don’t over think it. Every day, things around this city make you happy. Take a photo and capture that joy!


Number of Posts: 1,342,972
What gets grammed: This tag is a total catch-all. You’ll see everything from beautiful sunsets to adorable puppies.
Pro Instatip: Photos that get the most likes on this tag are usually top-notch quality. My personal tip when it comes to using this tag is to use well lit, visually impressive grams. Outdoor shots are instagold here.


Number of Posts: 112,835
What gets grammed: For the first few months that I used this tag, I was definitely doing it wrong. The sarcastic monster inside me assumed that this was for some of the super weird stuff I’ve spotted around this city throughout the years. In actuality, you’ll find that #onlyincbus is used, more often than not, to share your favorite things that are unique to our city.
Pro Instatip: Do you have that one, breathtaking view that you just love to photograph? That’s where you should head for this pic. A gorgeous landscape photo will get plenty of love on #onlyincbus.


Number of Posts: 724,070
What gets grammed: 614 is another broad tag, but I find you’ll see a lot of posts related to local businesses on here, especially food.
Pro Instatip: Get a little trendy and grab coffee or lunch somewhere hip. Once your food/drink comes, take a nice, flat shot from above. Add a filter and post!

Happy gramming everyone! Don’t forget to tag @columbusnavigator or use #navigatecolumbus.