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This Hocking Hills Lodge Has A Stunning, Heated Waterfall & Swimming Hole

I think we all know by now that Hocking Hills accommodations are so much more than log cabins.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a weekend in a log cabin at all, but sometimes you just want a more modern vibe for your weekend getaway. We’ve seen scores of newer, modern accommodations pop up in Hocking Hills over the last few years, but I have to admit that I may have a new favorite.

The Cliffs at Hocking Hills is one of those properties that instantly blows you away. Built in 1929 as a boy scout cabin, the historic Cantwell Lodge was transformed by designers Kimball & Christine.

The lodge has plenty of room for large family gatherings or fun friend vacations. It’s modern, beautifully decorated and I’m sure you’re itching to take a closer look, so let’s do it.

On the first story of the lodge, visitors will find the large living room, a dining room that seats up to 12, a modern kitchen, a cozy den, the main bedroom suite, a queen bedroom, and a whole host of bathrooms.

The living room may look like a typical, gorgeously modern living room, but it’s got a secret. See that large, square table between the two sofas? It pulls out to reveal a secret staircase.

The lodge would be such a great place to relax with a large group. There are more guest beds in the loft and more bedrooms and bathrooms on the second story.

The “glamping bunker”, aka the basement, has two more beds, a sitting area, and a full bathroom. The basement has a much more industrial vibe, with concrete floors and black cinderblock walls. Finally, there’s a converted garage area that acts as a game room where visitors can find arcade games, air hocking, and a seating area. Remember that secret staircase? This is where it leads. The kids are going to love it.

As beautiful as the interior of the lodge is, it doesn’t even compare to the natural beauty you’ll find outside.

There’s a fantastic barbecue area complete with a picnic table and cornhole.

There’s a hot tub.

There’s a gorgeous deck with great views of the surrounding property.

There’s even a charming fire pit area.

But none of it, and I mean none of it, compare to the stunning heated waterfall.

The seasonal waterfall mere steps from the lodge has a cozy swimming hole at the base. The waterfall is heated (May-October) with temperatures hovering between 68-72 degrees in May and October, and around 80 degrees from June through August.

A stay at the Cantwell Lodge isn’t cheap and you should be warned: This place is possibly the most popular destination in Hocking Hills and it only has a handful of available rental days in 2024. So if you see one that’s open and you’re interested, don’t wait around to book!

You can get more info about The Cliffs by visiting their website here.