These Are The 9 Most Endangered Buildings In Columbus

The Columbus Landmarks Foundation has released their fifth annual list of the most endangered buildings in Columbus.

The list ranges from buildings sitting empty and in poor shape, to buildings that are empty but well maintained, to buildings in active use that someone wants to tear down for a drive thru (really).

The work Columbus Landmarks does to highlight these properties is important. Columbus has a nasty track record of tearing down its history. It’s not difficult to imagine it happening again with the current development boom.

Check out this year’s list below, along with a link to Columbus Landmarks Foundation for every property that delves into the history, current status, and action that needs to be taken.

Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Year Built: 1889
Address: 1049 S. High St.
Replacement: Fast Food/Drive Thru
Greater Columbus Antique Mall at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Grant-Oak Apartments

Year Built: 1942
Address: Oak Street & Grant Ave.
Proposed replacement: Demolition followed by construction of new apartments
Grant-Oak Apartments at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

124 South Washington Ave.

Year Built: 1869
Address: 124 S. Washington St.
124 South Washington Ave. at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Marble Cliff Gateway Mansion

Photo via Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Year Built: 1907
Address: 2015 W. Fifth Ave.
Proposed replacement: Demolition followed by construction of new apartments
Marble Cliff Gateway Mansion at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Macon Lounge

Year Built: 1888
Address: 366 N 20th Street
Proposed replacement: Rehabilitation into micro apartments, but no progress has been made in recent years.
Macon Lounge at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Holy Rosary Church Campus

Year Built: 1840’s
Address: 1651-1667 E Main St.
Proposed replacement: N/A, currently vacant
Holy Rosary Church Campus at Columbus Landmarks Foundation


Year Built: Early 1880s
Address: 966 South High Street
Proposed replacement: Slated for demolition for new apartments
Maennerchor at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Ohio Baptist General Association Buildings

Year Built: c.1910, c.1963. C.1920
Address: 32, 40 and 48 Parkwood Ave.
Proposed replacement: N/A, has been standing empty, but maintained, since 1983
Ohio Baptist General Association Buildings at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Salesian Boys and Girls Club

Year Built: 1927
Address: 80 S. Sixth St.
Proposed replacement: N/A, currently for sale
Salesian Boys and Girls Club at Columbus Landmarks Foundation

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