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This Deserving Columbus Teacher Got A Stunning Classroom Makeover On The Kelly Clarkson Show

There are a lot of reasons to love Kelly Clarkson.

But the most important reason after her immense talent is her generous spirit. I don’t really tend to get too starstruck, but I already know that I can never be trusted to meet Kelly Clarkson. I would be such a weirdo and it honestly stresses me out just to think about it.

Luckily, this isn’t a story about me meeting Kelly Clarkson. This is a story about a Columbus teacher, Kristen Muenster, meeting Kelly Clarkson.

See, on her talk show, Clarkson likes to highlight people doing incredible work, and on a Columbus-centric episode, teachers were on the agenda. Clarkson’s mom was a teacher and she’s talked at length about growing up with a teacher as a parent and how much her mom cared for her students, so it’s no surprise that she was fully on board for a classroom makeover.

A former High School teacher from Columbus, Brittany Jeltema started doing classroom makeovers for teachers around the country. Perspective teachers can apply and then Brittany will come into their room and create something magical and unique. Brittany has been doing classroom makeovers for a while now, but this one was definitely special.

Kristen Muenster teaches Special Ed at a charter school here in Columbus and had reached out to Brittany several times. Her school services students 14-21 years old and she knew her windowless room needed some help.

Although Kristen knew she was going on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about the makeover, she didn’t realize that over the course of 48 hours, Brittany had completely renovated her room. The big reveal happened live on the show, with the assistance of Cameron Fontana at ABC 6.

Mrs. Muenster’s classroom before
Mrs. Muenster’s classroom after

When the door opened, the look of joy on Kristen’s face was enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

“It is beautiful, and I cannot wait for the students to see it,” said Kristin through tears. She didn’t have to wait very long. Cameron took the students in after the grand reveal and they were over the moon.

Going into the makeover, Brittany knew that Kristen wanted a book store/coffee shop vibe. Kristin had chosen the Nelson Mandela quote, and Britney thought it was so powerful that she wanted to make it the focal point of the room.

If you’d like to see more classroom makeovers by Brittany, you can follow her on Instagram, @thesuperheroteacher. But don’t forget to have some tissues handy, because they’re all inspirational. Teachers deserve everything, y’all.

Overall, this is the kind of feel-good television that the world needs more of. Kelly Clarkson clearly knows what she’s doing, and we’re here for it.