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Let The Wand Choose The Wizard At A Harry Potter Wand Turning Class

As the old saying goes, the wand chooses the wizard.

Over two decades ago, one of the most influential literary characters burst onto the scene. Since then, all things Harry Potter has been permeating our pop culture. I’m a full-blown Potterhead, and have been since my sister got me the first book for my birthday way back in 1999.

We dressed up for midnight movie premieres, waited at Barnes and Noble for new books, and generally just submerged ourselves completely into anything having to do with Harry, Hogwarts, and the wizarding world. If all of this sounds a little too familiar, then listen up.

Woodcraft of Columbus is hosting an incredibly fun event at their 1077 Bethel Rd. workshop. On Thursday, November 14, interested muggles can craft their own wands by turning them on a lathe. No experience is necessary for this beginner’s turning class, and it’s great for anyone over age 10.

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The class will be lead by instructor Savannah Stewart, who’s both an expert turner and a Harry Potter nerd. At the class, you’ll learn how to prepare a wood blank, mount it on the lathe, turn it into the shape of Harry’s wand, and then sand and finish it.

If you fall in love with woodturning, don’t worry. This isn’t the only class that Woodcraft offers. In addition to repeating Harry Potter wand classes, there are bowl making nights, ornament making, and more. For more info about classes, click here.